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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Consider a Donation to The Liberty Sphere

The Liberty Sphere's November 'Liberty-thon' is under way as of today. Consider making a donation to this work.

Why donate?

Because liberty, individual freedom, small government, low taxes, and strong national defense are vital concepts that are quickly being lost to an entire new generation of Americans.

The Liberty Sphere is at the point now, after 3 years in existence, where we can take things up to an entirely new level of visibility and vitality.

But I need your help.

I won't mince words when I say that my illness, with which I was diagnosed last year, has cost me dearly in terms of earning a living. My eyesight is under constant change, and the inflammatory condition that creates that change makes it impossible for me to handle most jobs.

But I can write, and I can speak. Sure, standing too long is painful, but that's when I sit.

In short, I am forced to depend on my op-ed columns at The Examiner and what little advertising is done on The Liberty Sphere for my livelihood.

Just yesterday I accepted an invitation to speak at a TeaParty rally sponsored by physicians who organized a grassroots 'Million Med March' all across the country. This is a golden opportunity to take the message of The Liberty Sphere to entirely different level.

But as you know, grassroots organizations are limited in their funding. That's why I need your help.

By making a donation to The Liberty Sphere you will help me take a message of maximum individual freedom to a larger audience.

Plus, I have some plans in the works to make The Liberty Sphere much more highly visible on the Internet. But that takes funding.

Will you consider making a donation today? Simply click on the 'Donation' link at the top of the left column. That will take you to PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.

Thank-you in advance for your kind consideration, and even to those of you who cannot afford it but support this work with your faithful readership, I am deeply grateful for all of you. It has been a joy to be here doing this for the past 3 years.

Kind regards, and God bless.

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