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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Will Media Be Be Honest about 'Barack the Bumbler?'

The key question that arises in the aftermath of Obama's failure to get the Olympics in Chicago is whether or not the state-run-media (SRM) will pick up on and report honestly the 'Barack the Bumbler' angle.

If the media have one ounce of integrity left, they will. But don't hold your breath.

However, it is getting much more difficult for the press, particularly the Washington Press corp, to continue making excuses for this President.

The full story can be found HERE.

College Football!

I don't like the NFL but I love college football.

Tonight at 7 PM, my Alma mater, the University of South Carolina will take on South Carolina State at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. Carolina will have a great opportunity to go 3-1 with a win today.

The Gamecocks are looking good this year as freshman quarterback Steven Garcia has begun to sharpen his skills under the careful guidance of 'the old ball coach,' Steve Spurrier.

Clemson University is playing Maryland, and in the 3rd quarter they are losing 17-13.

In other football news outside South Carolina, the Crimson Tide of Alabama is beating Kentucky at the half by a score of 21-6.

One Question Politicians Should Be Forced to Answer

Over the past 100 years, particularly since the 1950s, our government has gradually and increasingly trampled on the concepts, provisions, and governmental limitations set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

Therefore, there is but one vital question that every candidate for Congress/Senate/Presidency should be FORCED to answer.

Can you guess by now what that question is?


From the Times of London: 'Obama's Olympic Failure will only add to doubts about his Presidency.'

Read it all.

Shocking Info Emerges on Yet Another 'Czar'

The more we find out about all of Obama's 'czars,' which have formed an ominous 'shadow government' behind the scenes, the more disgusted the public becomes with this Administration.

Ever heard of Kevin Jennings?

Well, you should, and if not you need to get to know him very well. This man, of all people, is our 'school safety' czar.

The wolves are guarding the hen house.

New Figures--Unemployment Soars!

The new figures have been released from the government concerning the jobless rate in America.

A key fact to remember is that the way these figures are calculated has changed since the 1930s through the early 1990s. Since that time the government does NOT figure in those who were laid off and were forced to settle for part-time jobs, or those who gave up looking for work altogether out of sheer despair.

The jobless rate, according to the present method of calculation, is now 9.8%. Roughly 230,000 more jobs were lost in the month of September alone.

But when the old method of calculating joblessness is used, the unemployment rate in the U.S. stands at a whopping 17%--the highest since the 1930s.

Obama told Americans all across the land during the campaign that his 'stimulus package' would prevent any more jobs from being lost. So far, the opposite has happened as the unemployment rate keeps moving upward.

WOW! You Don't Say!

One Democratic Senator on the Senate Finance Committee said the following about the 'healthcare reform' bill Congress is considering:

Sen. Thomas Carper (D.-Del.), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, told that he does not “expect” to read the actual legislative language of the committee’s health care bill because it is “confusing” and that anyone who claims they are going to read it and understand it is fooling people.

“I don’t expect to actually read the legislative language because reading the legislative language is among the more confusing things I’ve ever read in my life,” Carper told

And so, Senator, the question is, how can you or anyone else in your Party in Congress vote in favor of bills that you clearly do not comprehend?

Read the entire story here.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/2/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Dustin's Gun Blog features a very helpful and informative map on the legal age for concealed carry in the various states.

Breaking news from Texas Fred: 'Olympics Decision Stuns Chicago Crowd.' Yeah, to say that least. After Dumbo spent all of that taxpayer money on this sales pitch in which he put his reputation on the line, he instead got the smackdown. Good! Methinks Obama has lost his 'political sex appeal.'

Say Uncle speculates on why Chicago may have lost its bid to host the Olympics.

Mike McCarville posts a MUST-read entitled, 'At the President's Pleasure.'

From Codrea's Gun Right Examiner: 'Gun Groups Fire Back at Feds with Firearms Freedom Act Lawsuit.'

Alphecca has the story on the 'idiot of the day.'

Billy Beck alerts us to a quote from Rush Limbaugh on Obama's failure to bring home the goods from Copenhagen.

Pax Parabellum comments on First Lady Michelle Obama's puzzling and laughable statement that traveling to Copenhagen with Oprah to help hubby get the Olympics 'is a big sacrifice.'

GunRights4US presents 'Subsidized Healthcare--A View from the Exam Room.'

John Jacob H reports terrible news from North Carolina on gun and ammo bans beginning Oct. 1. Just more proof that North Carolina is the Kalifornia of the South.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight has a photo graphic that you must see. Pass the ammo!

From CCE: 'Gun Rights and Legal Quackery.'

Tam says that the economy is not quite dead yet, but the government has a few ideas to finish it off.

Nicki provides essential reading entitled, 'Capitalism Sure Has Been Good to Michael Moore.' What a hopeless, obnoxious hypocrite!

Western Rifle Shooters Association issues some vital information on the citizen protest at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta.

The Ol' Broad posts a new collection of the best political cartoons on the Internet. Enjoy...

From Conservative Libertarian Outpost: 'Political Economies--Command and Demand.'

Days of our Trailers informs us of the role of the Joyce Foundation in the Chicago gun case.

Vanderboegh says that maybe Blackwater has been scammed too!

Standing By has an absolute MUST-read. One of Obama's 'czars'--extremist loon Cass Sunstein--has told bloggers they need to 'chill.' A message to this raving lunatic--I will NEVER 'chill' as long as nutjobs like you are in the government pushing an extremist agenda!

One of the writers at Walls of the City lost his Dad yesterday morning. He was only 61. Let's send some good thoughts and prayers their way...

Gun Rights and Legal Quackery

The case that has been accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Chicago gun ban highlights a certain aspect of American jurisprudence that needs a correction.

This issue is discussed in depth in my new essay at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Although it is a shame that things have come to this in the United States of America, the Court has a golden opportunity to correct a glaring error with regard to our gun rights.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/1/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Conservative Libertarian Outpost starts us off today with good reading on the political punditry one can find around and about concerning the latest on Obama.

Insight on Freedom has essential reading entitled, 'The Demise of the Fourth Estate?'

1 With a Bullet alerts us to a powerful audio of Susan, who called Rush Limbaugh on the air, and Rush was so awe-struck by the emotion and power with which she spoke, that he let her go on without interruption. A powerful moment!

Around O Town has something you absolutely must see. This is getting ridiculous, folks!

Zeta Woof has a decision to make concerning a firearms purchase. Photos included.

The Newbius Papers wants to know which part of 'shall not be infringed' is so hard to understand in the 2nd Amendment.

Standing By pokes fun at the wacko environmentalist nutcases who continue to make fools of themselves all over 'algore's Internets.'

Traction Control points to quite a read on Obama's 'work ethic.' Take a look.

Squeaks has been delving into psychological assessments and group dynamics of late, I see. Ever heard of the 'Johari Window?'

The Wandering Minstrel presents a helpful and informative timeline on what to expect on the Chicago Gun Case that's before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Way Up North alerts us to a case of media bias.

Say Uncle says that anti-gun bigot Paul Helmke has weighed in on the Chicago gun case at SCOTUS.

Meeting on the Green reports that someone or several someones have taken a keen interest in his blog at the Department of Justice, especially after he wrote that the ATF needs to be 'cleaned up.' They're watching us, folks. I happen to know they're watching me too.

John Jacob H says that Dave Barry has examined the issue of free speech on college campuses. Video included.

From CCE: "The Olympics, the Economy, and 'Dear Leader.'"

Roberta X posts an interesting read on 'idiots here and abroad.'

Kurt Hofmann has an excellent article on the concept of 'incorporation' with regard to the 2nd Amendment--a key issue that will arise in the Chicago gun case before SCOTUS.

From Codrea's War on Guns: 'An UnAmerican Police Force.'

Gun Rights Examiner posts a news story that highlights a double-standard on guns.

Western Rifle Shooters Association publishes the full text of the press release from the lead attorney in the Chicago Gun Rights case and provides background reading that is highly beneficial.

Tam comments on the 'vast rightwing conspiracy' and its books. It seems the books that are flying off the shelves are of a certain political ideology, and it AIN'T that of the Obamanoids!

Free in Idaho takes to task a certain individual who has a chronic case of the 'whines.'

Days of Our Trailers posts a photo and commentary on a beautiful sight--ammo in abundance!

The Rustmeister has the picture and quote of the day. This is what it's all about.

Sebastian provides an informative read on rotating your carry ammo.

The Olympics, the Economy, and 'Dear Leader'

More corruption and cronyism in the Obama-circle of Chicago gangland thugs!

Read all about it today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

The economy is in shambles but Obama & wife take separate flights to Copenhagen to bring in something that will cost taxpayers multi-billions! Read it all.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/30/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a doozy of a must-read entitled, 'Living in an Imperial World.'

Vanderboegh reports that a group known as 'rainy day patriots' are going to take their protests directly to an outlet of the state-run media--CNN, which his headquartered in Atlanta.

Brigid blogs about home improvement at her home on the range. Take a look at that yellow tool. Looks like a mean firearm to me.

Robb Allen informs us that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that will decide if the 2nd Amendment applies to the states. It's a shame we have reached a point in this nation when this is even an issue. We don't, for example, assume that the First Amendment doesn't necessarily apply to the states. I went under the assumption that the Bill of Rights--the 1st 10 Amendments--is protected for all U.S. citizens. Then revisionist lawyers got in the mix and introduced this thing called 'incorporation.' Geeezzzz!

David Codrea has the complete story and commentary on the gun ban case to go to the Supreme Court.

Kurt Hofmann also weighs in on the issue.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight adds his thoughts to the discussion on the SCOTUS case.

Walls of the City asks a key question concerning this gun rights care before the SCOTUS.

Texas Fred presents a guest-post today entitled, 'Liberals are Killing America' by Alan Caruba. Good reading!

Days of our Trailers reports on the shenanigans of some LEFTWING domestic terrorists. Funny how you never hear about THEM from the present government!

The Rustmeister points to a fellow that has been designated by Kool-Aid drinkers as a member of the 'mob.' He should wear the title with pride.

Say Uncle has the bizarre story of a grandmother arrested for buying cold medicine.

Caleb at Gun Nuts recaps last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, along with downloads.

Alphecca reports news on guns locked up in cars on college campuses.

Sebastian says that the Joyce Foundation conducted a study that concludes gun owners are stupid. I would comment on that, but I think I would get thrown off Blogger and the Internet altogether.

Tam alerts us to the 'Survival 101' textbook. Good reading!

The Black Sphere has a must-read entitled, 'Kinder Gentler Nuclear Iran.'

Nicki shows us the undeniable truth which vindicates Joe Wilson's claim that Obama is lying about there being no coverage for illegal aliens in the healthcare proposals.

Way Up North provides 2 vital quotes of the day, one from Barry Goldwater and the other from Ronald Reagan.

Free in Idaho highlights some more lies coming out of the Democrats in Congress concerning healthcare.

Strange Bedfellows--Unlikely Patriots

A growing chorus of Americans are waking up to the danger to the nation posed by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party leadership in Congress.

Today, at Columbia Conservative Examiner, we take a look at some people in the news who are very different in terms of background, lifestyle, and views, but they all have one major thing in common.

Glad to see more people waking up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breaking...Joe Wilson--'More Conservatives Than Republicans'

Breaking news comes our way concerning U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson, R-SC, as he appeared at a fundraiser in Spartanburg, South Carolina today.

The entire story, including links to an exclusive interview, can be found at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

A key issue at the event--what does 'big tent' really mean for Republicans? It means LOSING unless the tent encompasses CONSERVATIVES who are not Republicans. There are way more conservatives than any other political group.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/29/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Breda is doing another solo-stint as host of Gun Nuts Radio tonight since Caleb is out of pocket. Now, you all don't tell Caleb, but I had much rather hear Breda than that old ugly man anyways! Ahem. For details of tonight's show, click on the link.

Nicki hits the nail on the head regarding a certain provision in the healthcare bill being pushed by Obama and the Dems.

Tam points out the fallacy of collectivists with regard to keeping businesses open, even if they are in red ink and have outlived their usefulness. Funny how the statists and the 'gubmint' want to keep big chains open, but small, independent Mom and Pop outlets can go to hell.

Roberta X has a wonderful memorial tribute to conservative columnist William Safire. We have lost some good ones of late....such as Robert Novak, and my all-time favorite, as well as my mentor, William F. Buckley, Jr.

Mike McCarville reports explosive new information concerning Democrats being directly linked to ACORN shenanigans. Read all about it here and here. This could get very interesting before it's all over, folks.

Say Uncle points to a good discussion concerning hand loads vs. factory ammo.

From the Wandering Minstrel: 'Saving the Second Amendment.'

Traction Control is a licensed gun dealer, par excellence. His new sales goal is 1000 guns per month. Go over there and take a look, and if you find what suits you, help him out.

The Newbius Papers asks a key question that is vital to the current national debate on the proper role of government in this Constitutional Republic.

Sebastian alerts us to some stooges who are running around claiming they are 'heeding God's call' by attempting to shut down gun stores. I will post the alternative view to these anti-gun bigots. It is encapsulated in this: 'HALLELUJAH and pass the ammunition!'

David Codrea highlights a documentary film that examines the issue of 'a black man with a gun.' Oh my! Run for your lives!! Seriously, anti-gun folk should bone up on their history. White people enacted gun control laws primarily to keep them out of the hands of black folk after the Civil War. Thus, there is a definite racist component of the gun control movement in America.

Pax Parabellum reports the news of a new candidate for Governor in Ohio, and he should be very familiar to most conservatives. Take a look.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost sends out a critical alert concerning what the U.S. Senate is set to do. This is an outrage. We might as well drop 'em, bend over, and grab 'em because we are about to get screwed bigtime.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight says that the Governor's office in 'the People's Republik of Kalifornia' has been buried under an avalanche of complaints and opposition concerning the gun control bills out there.

Free in Idaho has the quote-of-the-day from the great Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Texas Fred comments on Obama's personal sales pitch to get the Olympics here in the U.S.--to be held in that stellar haven of public safety, Chicago.

Days of our Trailers engaged in some 'horse tradin' with a gun. Looks like he got a beauty in exchange for his Thompson.

Walls of the City notes that apparently Obama has been singing 'Kumbaya' with some of the world's leaders, including a few who are among the most notorious thugs anywhere.

Bloviating Zeppelin posts a MUST-read today on some ulterior motives within the ObamaCare push...along with some polling numbers showing Americans still don't want increasing numbers!

The Counterterrorism Blog presents an article that shows the reasons why the world can't trust Iran.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs can always be counted on to deliver coverage on things no one else is reporting. In this hard-hitting post, Geller takes to task Obama concerning his policy toward Israel. In fact, she says he has turned 'third-world thug' against the Jewish state. Read it all.

Some Straight Talk for America's Critics

I don't know about you, but I am tired of the current President's world-apology-for-America tours. It's time for some straight talk to America's critics.

And this is precisely what I provide today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

In this column I point to some difficult truths, but truths that must be recognized nonetheless, no matter how painful they may be.

Let's have some good, old fashioned 'American exceptionalism,' shall we?

Monday, September 28, 2009

No More Police Foot Chases?

If one Mayor had her way, there would be no more police foot chases of criminals.

This bizarre story can be found today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Needless to say, the Mayor's decision to forbid her police officers from chasing criminals on foot created quite a storm of controversy. Be sure to watch the videos provided at the links.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/28/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea calls our attention to a documentary highlighting gun rights activists in this must-read of the day.

From Kurt Hofmann: 'Are Opponents of Amtrak Gun Bill Supporting Terrorism?' and 'If You're Going to Preserve Gun Rights, Shouldn't You......Preserve Gun Rights?'

Western Rifle Shooters Association has several MUST-reads today that you would be wise to delve into: 'Evans-Pritchard: Money Figures Shows There's Trouble Ahead,' 'Malignant Narcissism,' and the doozy of them all on How the Soviets Went About Subverting the Free World Press (chilling lessons for the US today!).

From Vanderboegh: 'So What, and Why, Are They Still Hiding About Oklahoma City? Eric Holder Knows. I Think I'll Ask Him.'

Texas Fred presents the 'douchebag of the week' award to you-know-who. And he has some VERY good reasons for naming this person for this high honor. I concur.

Standing By comments on an excellent article pointing to the latest info on just how wrong the 'global warming' crowd has been. Read it all.

Way Up North posts a must-see video on America from 'Celtic Woman.' This group of exceptional singers/musicians is a breath of fresh air. If you've never seen them or listened to them, it's time you became acquainted.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has yet another MUST-read today concerning 'Obamanomics' and its consequences of placing us on a road to financial ruin.

Days of our Trailers provides an excellent gun show roundup from this past weekend. Pics included.

Brigid is one of my favorite people, not to mention that her writing skills are next to none. Here she writes about fixing trust issues with guns. Great info!

From John Jacob H: 'Have you Told UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp to Resign? Why Not!?' This intriguing case just begs for investigations.

Squeaks keeps us posted on the life of a gun-loving young college student, and don't forget to read her entries at the Memphis Pets Examiner (her link is at the top left of her blog).

Alphecca reports that the Left wants the American taxpayers to pick up the tab for healthcare for illegal aliens.

Every Blade of Grass perfectly captures my sentiments on why I left the Republican Party back in the 90s. When the Party leadership forsook the basic principles of Reagan, I bolted. And until they determine to get back to those principles of conservatism, I will remain out in Independent Land.

Free in Idaho posts the lolly-palooza 'quote of the day.' Read it, meditate on it, and then ACT.

Say Uncle found some great info on self-defense handguns.

Sebastian notes that the state-run-media is telling gun owners to 'lighten up.' Yeah, right. The day I 'lighten up' about the present assault on liberty in my own country is the day I am either in the grave or have gone slap-raving nuts. Some say I am already the latter. Don't say a word, and don't put silly comments here about that, either! lol (I know some of you too well).

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight tells us the various reasons why he prefers the South. Spot-on, brother!

Notoriously Conservative provides essential reading from someone who read the entire ObamaCare bill, HR 3200, and has the truth about these healthcare bills and what they are really designed to do. It's even worse than what we expected, folks!

Tam observes that we keep going 'down the spiral' and comments on the draconian restrictions on rights. Take a look!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

IRS Devises New Ways to Get Your Money

With multi-trillions in deficits and debt stemming from Barack Obama's runaway government spending spree since January, beware the IRS. The tax man cometh.

The news on how the IRS plans to snoop and get more of your money can be found today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Just another day in the era of Obama.