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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jihadist Head-Choppers Escape From Prison

In a stunning set-back for the U.S.-led War on Terror in Afghanistan, nearly 400 Taliban prisoners--most of them suicide bombers--have escaped from a prison in an area of southern Afghanistan.

The Taliban was identified early-on as some of the most dangerous of the head-chopping, suicide-bombing Jihadist segment of Islam.

News reports from Fox News, NBC, and others indicate that members of the exiled Taliban in Afghanistan set off a series of explosions at the prison, allowing inmates to escape. Of the estimated 1000 escapees, nearly 400 are said to be suicide bombers who belong to the Taliban.

The escapees immediately headed for the hillsides of the country, making them very difficult to track due to the rugged terrain.

Observers suggested that perhaps the prison break represents a new phase of the world-wide War on Terror. With most of the Taliban in prison and with Al Qaeda crushed, the incidents of beheadings around the world have plummeted. Suicide bombings have also been in decline.

However, now that some of the most dangerous Taliban operatives have escaped from prison, officials fear that the group could be reorganizing in an attempt to retake Afghanistan and re-assert their prominence in the world of terrorism.

The news comes at a very bad time. Just this week U.S. officials stated that a terrorist plan to bomb the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta was uncovered and averted. The Toronto Star reported that not only were the Jihadists gunning for Atlanta with truck-laden bombs, but they were planning to strike Toronto and Chicago as well in hopes of killing upwards of 1 million Americans.

Yet the mainstream media is totally ignoring the story, and only the Toronto Star is reporting it.

Thus, my friends, terrorism should be back on the front page of the news as it has become clear that suicide bombers and head-choppers are back on the loose. And the escape of Taliban operatives is only more reason to be concerned.

Friday, June 13, 2008


NBC News Washington Bureau chief and 'Meet the Press' host Tim Russert has died of an apparent heart attack at the age of 58. Russert was in his office working on an interview when he died.

Interrupting its regularly scheduled programming, NBC announced the death and follow-up with comments by Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and others.

Here is more on the story:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/13/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of intererst, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville has the quote of the day from Tucker Carlson on Hillary Clinton, and it's a doozy!

And the MUST-read of the day is by Roberta X as she blasts an anti-gun bigot:

Armed and Safe gives us an update on the co-sponsors of H.R. 4900, the bill that would reign in the ATF:

Blogonomicon shows us a cool new Freedom Arms pistol with exchangeable barrels:

JR posts a neat Todd Jarrett YouTube shooting lesson on 'shooting on the move':

Gateway Pundit has the results of a new poll on the worst-ever approval numbers for Congress:

Of Arms and the Law is reporting that the Brady Bunch is bracing itself for a stinging defeat when the Supreme Court rules on D.C. vs. Heller this month:

It's no secret that I carry a marked disdain for the EU. And here, Breda says that the Irish may have saved civilization today by what they did. Yayyyy for the Irish!

The Volokh Conspiracy has more on this riveting story out of Ireland:

David Codrea posts some key documents in the Olofson case from David Olofson:

The Stiletto posts her 'Daily Blade.' Be sure to read the part about why abortion survivors won't be voting for Barack Obama!

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the ever-widening Countrywide mortgage scandal involving high-profile Democrats such as Chris Dodd and Barack Obama!

John Lott reports that the founder of the Weather Channel warns about the 'scam' of the global warming nonsense:

Suppressed News has a Wall Street Journal report on the shady 'friends of Barack.' Read it all:

Human Events writes that the Supreme Court decision on Gitmo detainees being given Constitutional protection is an ominous one:

Obama's Internet Rapid Response Team

As we reported in the Second Amendment News Roundup section of The Liberty Sphere yesterday, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has launched a new website for the single purpose of rapidly responding to and repudiating negative comments about the candidate.

Of particular concern to the candidate is what he terms 'false rumors spread on the Internet.'

Using the real-time concept and the immediacy of the Internet, Obama hopes to blast and squelch any negative comment about him as soon as it happens. The candidate hopes that such 'rapid response' by his handlers will help to stop the 'rumors.'

Indeed, it is unfortunate that false rumors are spread about anyone, and politicians get their share. For example, it is a widespread belief among many in the electorate that Obama is a closet Muslim. That belief is false. The candidate is a member, or was a member, of a Christian congregation in Chicago, albeit an extremely liberal/extremist one.

The Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is one of the most liberal, Leftwing churches in the nation, but it is part of a mainline Christian denomination. Yet many persist in referring to Obama as a Muslim.

This rumor is one that the Obama people refute on the new rapid response website. But what they don't tell us is that Obama has actually inadvertently fueled the rumor by consistently
supporting Muslim and Arab causes and by making statements that are clearly anti-Jewish.

Another rumor the new website hopes to snuff out is the claim that Obama doesn't place his hand over his heart when he says the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag.

In order to 'refute' that rumor, the Obama people post a video that shows the candidate in the Senate, clearly with his hand over his heart, as he recites the Pledge.

The problem is what they don't tell us. On the campaign trail Obama has been seen reciting the Pledge without the traditional salute of placing one's hand over one's heart. In one instance he didn't recite it at all even as fellow Democrats on the platform did so.

And this is not to mention the fact that Obama very publicly took his flag lapel pin OFF after having worn it for several months while campaigning. The candidate claims that the reason for the change was that having a flag on one's lapel is no indication that the person is patriotic.

Well, Senator, it is certainly more likely for a person who is not wearing the flag pin to be unpatriotic than a person who is wearing one. And that is the understatement of the year. Which of the hate-America. flag-bashing, anti-military extremists wear flag lapel pins?

And if the Senator felt that when he first started his campaign for President it was important enough to wear the lapel pin, then why did he suddenly decide that it was important enough to take it OFF?

Thus, the new website purports to address untruths and false rumors while failing to tell the complete truth. The rest of the story is curiously missing.

I have a hunch that this is the best we can expect from the new website.

But you can see for yourselves and make up your own minds. Here is a link to Obama's new Internet Rapid Response Team, called 'Fight the Smears':

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/12/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled today that detainees at Guantanamo Bay have the right to habeas corpus--a defeat for the Bush administration:

The Volokh Conspiracy has key quotes from the majority opinion in today's Supreme Court ruling:

Gunservatively states that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia offered up a scathing and chilling dissent to the majority opinion on Guantanamo:

Recession? What recession?! Retail sales grew by the largest amount in 6 months, bolstered by the Bush tax rebates:

David Codrea reports that a police department has received a written warning to stop detaining citizens for engaging in open carry:

Ronald Reagan made numerous speeches that will go down in history as among the most eloquent and moving ever made. At the top of my list is Reagan at the Berlin Wall demanding that Gorbachev 'tear down this wall!' Tam commemorates this day in history:

Tam also links to some cool gun porn,

And here:

Gateway Pundit reports that an increasing number of Dems are not supporting Barack Obama...and he lists the latest ones here:

You won't believe your eyes when you see this. Barack Obama said in 2004 that he is not experienced enough to be President! Yet within two short years he claims he got ready. Gateway has the video:

Gateway also has a video of a Jimmy Carter interview from last year, where he said Obama lacks the experience to be, my, what a difference a few months make:

Sebastian blogs on private gun sales between citizens:

Breda has sugar and spice and everything nice in a video on girl-power when it comes to shooting:

Breda also links to her latest article at Buckeye Firearms Association that recounts her personal story of how she became a gunnie and a gun-blogger:

You won't believe your eyes when you see this. Gunservatively has posted a partial list of the firearms that New Jersey has banned...partial list? Wow!

Uncle has the MUST-read of the day, and it's about the Obama-worshippers:

Mike McCarville posts a report that says that the mainstream media is going to come after news bloggers with a vengeance this political season:

Ahab comments on the Barack Obama rapid-response Internet assault team that has been set up to immediately blast any reference to Obama as unpatriotic or a Muslim. Ok, I'll go ahead and give them some fodder. Barack Obama is an unpatriotic America-hater, and although he is not Muslim he has always supported Muslim-Arab sympathizers:

Alphecca reports that SC Governor Mark Sanford VETOED the legislature's bill to withdraw taxes on firearms during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Sanford is basically a good guy and a good Governor, but I have issues with him, such as this one:

Born Again Redneck offers a good read on the push to get rid of the Electoral College:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel write about the Russian-made 'gray wolf' ammunition:

Robb Allen nails it with this comment on Barack Obama and guns:

Here is a good example of what could happen if government ever got control over thermostats in our private homes, which environmentalist wackos and their politicians in California want to do:

As always, our favorite intellectual, Walter Williams, provides riveting commentary, this time on slavery to the government:

Does Hillary Know Something We Don't?

Hillary Clinton's campaign operatives stunned many observers Wednesday by announcing that the candidate was not handing over her pledged delegates to Barack Obama until the Democratic National Convention in August.

Interestingly enough, Hillary also refrained from using the term 'withdraw from the race' in her announcement on Saturday. She said she was 'suspending' her campaign.

The word 'suspension' carries the connotation that the hiatus is temporary. 'Suspended' players in sports, for example, return to play after their period of suspension.

It is thus highly suspicious that what Hillary did not say comes as a prelude to the latest in a series of scandals to plague the Barack Obama campaign.

Obama had chosen Jim Johnson--the former head of Fannie Mae, the government's mortgage giant--to be on his Vice Presidential selection committee. It turns out that Johnson was involved in a mortgage scheme with the scandal-plagued Countrywide Mortgage Corporation--a scheme that eventually led to the gigantic plunge of home values and the current crisis in the mortgage industry.

On the campaign trail, Obama had referred to Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo as a 'plague.' Yet it was Mozilo who apparently devised the scheme in which Jim Johnson participated as the head of Fannie Mae.

And this brings us to today's actions where Obama throws another one under the bus, claiming that Johnson was not the same Jim Johnson he always knew. Thus, Obama 'de-selected' Johnson from the committee.

How many times has Obama done this very thing over the past 3 months? Most of us have lost count. At the very least he has thrown family members and his Pastor under the bus. But there are many, many more who once could be counted as 'Barack's close friends and associates' who have now been relegated to the status of shunned has-beens.

Now back to Hillary. Perhaps she and Bill are simply waiting in the wings for Obama to slip on a banana peel, knowing that he has enough scandal in the closet to do him in eventually.

The problem is, the Clintons have very little to offer that's different from Obama.

For the complete scoop on this still-developing story on the latest Obama scandal, click on the two links below to go to Michelle Malkin's thorough chronicle of the mess:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McCain Says BLOOMBERG on VP List!

New York City Mayor and rabid anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg, who is affectionately known on The Liberty Sphere as 'The Bastard,' is on John McCain's list of potential running mates.

Despite the outcry of the GOP base and other conservatives, McCain insists that the Bastard remain on that list.

This is yet another reason why John McCain scares the beejeepers out of conservatives/libertarians, not to mention that he joins with the Democratic Party's promise to add more taxes to oil companies, which will do nothing but pass along those costs to consumers who are already burdened to the hilt.

Well, here is a message to Mr. McCain: this is not a threat, it is a promise. If you put the likes of Michael Bloomberg on the ticket, I will unequivocally sit out the November election even if it means throwing the Presidency to Osama-Bama, and I will encourage others to do the same.

We are not going to be ignored or continue to put up with your flipping the finger in our faces, Mr. McCain, and a decision to put Bloomberg on the ticket will seal your fate with voters like me.

So, here's the ultimatum--strike Bloomberg from consideration or lose our potential support. It's that simple.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/11/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gateway Pundit has the explosive news today that Hillary is NOT releasing her delegates to Obama until the Democratic Party Convention in August:

Just wait till you see what Barack 'The Nutcase' Obama has said about high gasoline prices! Gateway has the scoop:

After her debut on NRA radio last night with Cam Edwards, Squeaky is going to do a live podcast with Ahab on a regular basis. Go and check it out:

And in case you missed the broadcast, Sebastian has all of it here:

Ahab has more details on the new podcast here:

ROFL!! JR has what can be described as the imbecile of the day. Wait till you see what he said:

Roberta X reports that Cafe Press pulled all of Tam's comments that were critical of Obama:

Alphecca has an excellent post on government by mob rule vs. government by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

Mike McCarville posts Camille Paglia's latest commentary on the notion of Hillary for Veep:

Monica Crowley did an interview with Dennis Kucinich on her radio program, and here she comments on his usual drivel...but wait till you see what he wants to do now:

John Lott has a voter fraud alert. It seems the Democrats are digging up the dead to vote in Louisiana:

David Codrea reports the bad news that David Olofson has been ordered to prison--just in time for Independence Day:

Breda has authored the quote of the day on universal healthcare, and its a good one!

Clayton Cramer posts an excellent read today on abortion and the 2008 Presidential election:

Wow. More info is coming in on Red's Trading Post, and Freedom Sight has it:

Drill Here, Drill Now

South Dakota has approved the construction of the first oil refinery to be built in America in nearly 35 years. Perhaps they are onto something that the rest of the country is struggling to recognize.

The area around the Dakotas westward and southward has been identified recently by explorers as perhaps the richest untapped source of crude oil in the world. It has been estimated that enough crude sits under the ground in America's plains to sustain our petroleum needs ad infinitum.

In addition, the latest polls show that Americans overwhelmingly want U.S. oil companies to begin drilling here, now, immediately, in order to begin to wean ourselves off of foreign oil.

Perhaps South Dakota is prudently preparing itself for the coming new era in oil drilling and refining in this country--something that should have been done years ago.

This is not to say that hydrogen fuel cell technology and bio-diesel, along with a massive expansion of solar and nuclear power, should not be pursued. It is essential that these alternative sources be developed, with the exception of corn-based biofuel that uses food for fuel--a terribly ill-conceived and expensive plan.

Bio-diesel is a much better choice because it uses switch-grass as its source rather than a food substance.

But in the short term our society cannot sustain itself on these alternative sources which have not yet been fully developed with efficient delivery systems. We still need the oil, and we need it NOW.

It is the height of stupidity not to drill in our own country. We are sitting on a goldmine, but we had rather listen to imbecilic environmentalist wackos who probably need to be locked up in mental hospitals.

Their day in the sun should come to an abrupt end. Their determination to stop the U.S. from using its own resources, resulting in a continued dependence on foreign oil, has been one of the biggest failures ever perpetrated on the American public.

This, in addition to the fact that China is now drilling in the Gulf, just off of the U.S. coastline, should be ample proof that the wackos who have had our hands tied for over 30 years should be muzzled and placed on psychotropic meds. The Commies are drilling for oil right in our own backyard, yet the U.S. is prevented from doing the same thing.

It is time to bring some sanity back into U.S. energy policy. Drill here. Drill now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Graham, Inglis Win Important Primary Battles in SC

South Carolina's senior U.S. Senator, Republican Lindsey Graham, has fought off a GOP challenger and won the Party's nomination to run for another term in November.

Graham stirred up very public and vocal anger among the voters by supporting John McCain's amnesty plan for illegal aliens. So vehement was the opposition to Graham and McCain that both quickly backed off the plan in order to avoid political suicide.

The Democrat who will run against Graham in November is an unknown entity, and Graham is expected to retain his seat in the U.S. Senate.

In another closely-watched race, Republican Bob Inglis, the U.S. Congressman representing S.C.'s 4th Congressional district, defeated his GOP challenger as well. Inglis faced extreme voter discontent when he voted with Democrats in Congress to oppose the troop surge in Iraq.

Inglis now claims his vote was a mistake and that he is pleased that the surge is working.

Again, Inglis represents a strongly conservative Republican district in South Carolina, and he is expected to have no trouble winning another term to the U.S. Congress.

On the local level in South Carolina, one of the more interesting races for the legislature resulted in the challenger, Steve Parker, beating the incumbent Ralph Davenport in a landslide. For more information on that race, click here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/10/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Hardy has great news today about the growth of pro-2nd Amendment groups on college campuses around the country:

Freedom Sight comments on the latest news on Red's Trading Post, as reported by David Codrea last evening:

And for a late-breaking update on Ryan and Red's, David Codrea has this:

Mike McCarville reports that at least one Democratic member of the U.S. House from Oklahoma will NOT endorse Barack Obama for President:

JR tells you how you can win a weekend at Blackwater:

Ahab reports that the Governor of Ohio has signed the Castle Doctrine into law:

Alphecca blogs on some anti-gun loons in Seattle:

Mark Steyn provides an interesting summary of his trial before the kangaroo court in Canada. And even though this phase is over, the whole sordid mess is not over by a long shot:

Boy, what a surprise. I mean, I am shocked. Look at what the perennial hypocrites have done now. John Lott reports that Democrats are all for privatization when their own money is at stake (sort of like when they put their own children in private schools but blast the citizenry when they do it):

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the Democratic Party-Harry Reid-Barack Obama windfall profits tax proposal on oil (these 'compassionate' dopes are trying to add to our burden by piling on the taxes to the already cumbersome costs of gasoline!):

Clayton Cramer has a thought-provoking piece today on the Washington Post and the 'Bush lied' mantra:

Well, she's there. Sister Bitter Bitch is now with Brother Sebastian in Pennsylvania. Good for them!

Sebastian reports that a sweeping gun ban has been proposed in New Jersey:

Here is some great news! Our own Squeaky Wheel is going to be on Cam Edwards' NRA radio broadcast this evening! Click on her link here to get the exact time:

Traction Control has a Lou Dobbs video on the Amnesty Bill and its worst provisions, including the scumbags who proposed it:

Robb Allen says that the wolves in sheep's clothing, the American Hunters and Shooters Association, has endorsed Barack 'I Love the Second Amendment But It's Not For You' Obama. But it's the 'other endorsement' that is the interesting one! LOL!:

Uncle reports there's a brand new gun industry blog with plenty of gun pics:

Armed and Safe says it's the citizens of Illinois who are funding the state's attempt to rob them of their gun rights:

Gateway Pundit has riveting news on the Obama campaign's attack against Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman:

The Cato Institute, an important libertarian think-tank, is reporting that oil prices will begin to fall very shortly:

NRO Weighs in On Its Embattled Reporter

National Review Online, the Internet version of the venerable conservative magazine National Review, has offered its defense of its embattled reporter Mark Steyn.

Steyn has been on trial before a human rights tribunal in British Columbia for 'inciting Islamophobia' resulting from the reprinting of excerpts from Steyn's book in the Canadian magazine Mclean's.

The book catalogues the growth and influence of radical Islam in Europe.

Muslim groups in Canada were offended. And thus, they began a search for a venue that would take seriously their charge of Islamophobia, and they found one in the human rights tribunal in British Columbia.

As you will see for yourself in the report issued by National Review, the government's case against Steyn has been a joke. The entire fiasco would be laughable were it not deadly serious. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are at stake.

Even so, most of the media, including most bloggers, have been totally silent on Steyn's plight and Canada's shame.

The article linked below, written collectively by the editors at National Review, is must-reading for anyone who values basic, fundamental human rights.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Breaking News on Red's Trading Post

David Codrea at War on Guns is reporting this evening that the Twin Falls, Idaho Urban Renewal Agency has agreed to take over the property currently occupied by Red's Trading Post for $200,000.

According to Codrea, this is no indication that Red's is going out of business. The plan, apparently, is to relocate Red's to a better, more modern facility.

Read more about it at The War on Guns:

LIBERTY ALERT! Obama Gone Berserk

This is a special Liberty Alert.

Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama stated today that he supports a 'windfall profits tax' on oil companies, in addition to proposals by Democrats to increase the federal tax-per-gallon on gasoline.

Federal, state, and local governments already make 7 times the amount of money the oil companies make from profits. These proposals from Obama and the Democrats do nothing but add to the burden average Americans already feel resulting from the increasing oil prices.

In addition, Obama stated today that he supports a national fingerprint I.D. database. Human rights groups have long vehemently opposed such measures as a blatant and unnecessary intrusion into personal privacy.

What's next? 'Papers, please.'

Sieg Heil!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/9/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The MUST-read of the day is the Mark Steyn interview over at Girl on the Right:

The NRA issues an important grassroots alert on the upcoming general election:

Ahab blogs on gun stuff in the movies, and Clint Eastwood stands above them all:

The Counterterrorism Blog has news about Venezuela's Hugo Chavez's recent about-face:

The Stiletto provides most interesting commentary on Hillary's speech on Saturday--including what she did NOT say! And be sure to read the 2nd part of the section which comments on Britain's 'first they came for the guns, and then they came for the knives':

Speaking of Mark Steyn, be sure to read his comments entitled, 'Notes on a Show Trial':

Monica Crowley reports that Haley Barbour is being considered as McCain's running mate, and she shows why this would not be a good idea:

Threats Watch provides today's daily briefing on threats to the nation's security from around the world:

David Codrea provides a disturbing update on how the Bastard and the New York City court system are screwing over a licensed gun dealer from the state of Georgia:

Breda blogs about her latest shooting experience--in the searing hot weather to boot!

I agree 100% with Sebastian here. Read it all:

Uncle has two quotes of the day that are well-worth the read:

Every few days the mainstream media posts a picture of Obama with a halo around his head. I saw one on AOL Saturday, and now Reuters has one. Gateway Pundit shows that most Americans aren't buying this crap...a new poll tells the story:

Nicki points to a speech made on the House floor concerning the environmentalist it all:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel blog on their day at the gun show in California:

Michelle Malkin reports that Snuffy Pfleger will return to his church after his suspension, on June 16:

John Lott provides info on justifiable homicides in states with right-to-carry vs. states with no right to carry:

Eugene Volokh provides essential reading on why the term 'hate speech' is not a legal term but something made up by those who wish to limit free speech:

My favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, has written another goodie on energy policy and environmentalists:

Geller Exposes the Obama Fraud

If there is one thing we have learned about Barack Obama over the past year, it is that he will say and do practically anything to get elected.

In Pennsylvania, for example, he tells voters he is pro-gun rights. But then in San Francisco a few days later, he tells a group of liberal elitists that gun-owners in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and other parts of the Midwest are yahoos who cling to their guns and religion out of fear.

Another example. Obama has stated repeatedly that he supports a divided Jerusalem in order to promote peace in the Middle East. Yet when speaking before a group of Jewish voters, he claims that Jerusalem should not be divided.

This is fraud, pure and simple.

Pamela Geller, founder of the popular blog, Atlas Shrugs, has done a painstakingly thorough job of pointing out the numerous instances of the Obama fraud.

We have known all along that Obama is a Jew-hating, Muslim-supporting Socialist who is backed by the deep pockets of the atheist Democratic operative and billionaire George Soros. But the more details that are revealed concerning just how sordid is the corruption and extremist is the ideology of Barack Obama, the more frightened I become for my country.

Follow the links below to some of Pamela Geller's work on Obama. But be prepared for a chill of fear to run up your spine as you read Geller's chronicles of one of the most dangerous men to enter American politics. Read it all:

Important Mark Steyn Interview Today

In a blog interview featured in 'Girl on the Right,' a new addition to The Liberty Sphere's preferred links, Mark Steyn will talk about his personal nightmare in the Canadian free speech/free press case.

The interview can be found today on Brass Balls Radio, via Girl on the Right:

Girl on the Right provides a daily audio/video feed from Brass Balls Radio.

Mark Steyn, of course, is the National Review columnist/reporter whose article on radical Islam in Europe landed him in a British Columbian human rights tribunal. He is charged with 'Islamophobia' and attempting to incite Islamophobia.

Human rights observers say that the case is representative of Canada's descent into totalitarianism. The case is also a grim reminder that formerly free societies are succumbing to the hysteria of extremists who believe that pointing out the weaknesses and failures of Islam, for example, is apparently a hideous crime against humanity that must be harshly judged and punished.

Free societies, however, allow no such limits on human liberty.

Steyn's own words concerning his own personal ordeal at the hands of the Canadian government should be a stark wake-up call to all around the world who value human freedom.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Canada Under Free Speech Muzzle

The so-called 'human rights tribunal' in British Columbia, Canada has completed its trial of National Review columnist and political commentator Mark Steyn. Steyn has been charged with 'Islamophobia' resulting from his article that was reprinted in the Canadian magazine McLean's on the subject of the growing oppressive influence of radical Islam in Europe.

It has not been mentioned as to when we can expect a verdict to be rendered.

Human rights activists have pointed to the Steyn case as proof positive that Canada has fallen victim to totalitarianism, where free speech and other basic human rights are not respected.

If Steyn loses before the tribunal in Canada, we can kiss goodbye not only free speech but freedom of the press throughout Canada. The very fact that Steyn was hauled before a tribunal for a trial has already placed a chilling muzzle on free speech in the country.

The liberal, mainstream media has been into its typical hysteria over 'Islamophobia' in the aftermath of the trial. One prominent news organization in Canada went as far as to say that the article written by Steyn resulted in mass Islamophobia, threats of violence against Muslims, and the push to convert Muslims to Christianity. The problem is that no such thing has occurred.

One would think that the arrest and trial of a journalist over a free speech/free press issue would bring forth howls of protest from the mainstream media, no matter what political ideology they lean toward. Not so. Rather, the mainstream media has vilified Steyn as a 'rebel rouser' of sorts. Oblivious to the fact that what happens to Steyn may well directly muzzle them as well, the mainstream media seems to believe that they are safe from the long arm of progressive government totalitarianism.

Perhaps the Press in Canada should think again. It may be only Steyn now. It will be THEM next.

For more information on the Mark Steyn case, click here:

And here is Mark Steyn's website: