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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Back--Immigration 'Compromise'

Washington, DC (TLS). As expected, the U.S. Congress has resurrected the immigration compromise bill proposed by Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and backed by President Bush.

None of the three have what we could call 'exemplary' records when it comes to immigration law and illegal aliens.

In his long tenure as a career politician from the state of Massachusetts, Kennedy has spearheaded at least three major immigration 'reform' bills, two of which have been passed into law. With each successive reform measure, the problem of illegal aliens only gets worse.

John McCain never saw an amnesty bill he didn't like, and he has been shockingly soft on the issue of illegal aliens, given that his state is on the front lines of the issue.

President Bush has presided over the single largest infiltration of illegal aliens that the country has ever witnessed. His Texas crony, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, has been busy at the southern border making sure that no matter what rhetoric comes out of the White House, Mexico is the one to be placated on the matter of immigration, even at the expense of our own Border Patrol agents.

The agents have essentially been browbeaten into cowering in the face of illegals overrunning the country due to the fact that Sutton has tossed into the slammer any law enforcement agent that takes seriously the nation's laws against illegal entry into the country.

Americans are not dumb. They can see clearly what has been occurring in their towns, cities, and counties, and they know that the politicians in Washington, both Democrat and Republican, are walking in tandem in creating the present scenario where millions from south of the border have invaded our country, shown disdain for our government and its Constitution, flown their Mexican flags, and refused to learn our language.

Legal immigrants who obeyed the law and followed the legal process of becoming U.S. citizens are outraged that law-breakers get a break.

Yet, in spite of the outcry from the citizens across America in opposition to any immigration compromise bill, the politicians are hell-bent on shoving an amnesty program down the throats of the voters, like it or not.

The fact that they would even TRY to resurrect this shameful bill shows that they have nothing but utter contempt for the average citizens and their views on this subject.

A few lone voices, most of them Republicans, have fought to prevent the President, Ted Kennedy, and John McCain from foisting this sham on the American public. Patriots such as Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, Jeff Sessions, and Jim DeMint have put their reputations on the line in order to oppose the President and a few powerful elitists in the Republican Party.

This is not to mention the hoards of Democrats who are just standing in line to essentially give away the country to Mexico in order to secure votes.

The citizens, and their spokespersons in the Congress, defeated the attempt to pass this measure the first time. We can do it again. But we must contact our Senators and Congressmen yet again to tell them that an amnesty program under a different name is still an amnesty program.

Unfortunately, the problem with illegal aliens is not going away until Bush exits the White House, about 150 Democrats lose their next election, and roughly 6 Republicans are sent packing as well.

As for now, however, we can tell the elitist sleazebags in Washington that we STILL don't want this immigration compromise.

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