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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Westerhold Fights Back

Sandusky, Ohio (TLS). Sandusky Register's Managing Editor Matt Westerhold is fighting back in the face of a deluge of criticism concerning his decision to publish the names of registered concealed handgun owners in the area covered by the newspaper.

In an editorial in today's edition of the Register, Westerhold takes on the NRA and Ohioans for Concealed Carry in their concerted effort to target advertisers in the newspaper. An unrepentant Westerhold maintains that his decision is 'not about the gun owners, but about government secrecy.'

This makes perfect sense. Suppose he were to publish the Social Security Numbers of all of the citizens in Ohio...information that the government has on record. Would this be a prudent step, given that 'we don't want the government to keep secrets?'

The fact of the matter is that Westerhold as very little logical or legal ground to stand on. He should be fired, and the state of Ohio should pass a measure that makes it clear that such personal, private information should not be disclosed to the public, just as we don't publish everyone's Social Security Numbers.

Click here to read Westerhold's drivel:

And then, click here to read a detailed and delightful rebuttal to Westerhold, provided by Front Sight, Press:

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