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Monday, August 22, 2016

Did you notice the latest on Hillary?

Amid much speculation today concerning the health of Hillary Clinton, there is still that nagging corruption issue that could blow up in her face. any time. The Washington Post is reporting that the FBI has uncovered 14, 900 more documents and emails that her attorneys refused to release.

This is a major bombshell for those who are concerned about the rule of law. In free societies it is assumed that government officials at the very top are just as accountable as average citizens. The problem is that among those at the top there is a growing tendency to place themselves above the law

Sunday, August 21, 2016


The scuttlebutt is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now running neck and neck in a dead heat in their quest to get elected to the White House. In some key states Trump is in the lead.

Hillary is beginning to falter for various reasons, not the least of which is her integrity problem. The trust factor is key. Americans seem to be tired of the corruption.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Don't believe everything you hear

The adage, "You can't believe everything you hear," is true across many spectres. But no greater example exits than what is going on in the current race for president. The race is much closer than what we have been led to believe by an agenda driven media.

Supposedly, Trump has wounded himself so badly that he will never dig out of the debris. And supposedly Hillary has opened a double digit lead which will insure her election to the presidency. Various and sundry polls have been rolled out to prove the point -- NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBCand FOX.  But the polls that have proved to be most reliable in the past paint a very different scenario.

These polls show a very tight race with Clinton and Trump running neck and neck, even in areas that have not been friendly to Republicans.

Hillary's troubles seem to revolve around the trust factor. Most Americans believe she is untrustworthy and they have had decades to prove their nagging doutbs as to her integiity or lack therof..

So, look with a wary eye to those whose sole purpose in poling is to advance an agenda.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The centrality of the Bible in the Christian walk

I have been a student of the Bible for over fifty yeas, going back to my mother's knee. Formal training was next as I embarked on a path that required significant knowledge. But even then a greet deal was leaned through personal study.I always believed that all Christiams need to read and study the Bible as part of our growth and development.

Why is the Bible so important? It is the Word of God that tells us all we need to know in terms of salvation and, the Christian s growth and development.It is the ultimate authority on an equal par with God himself.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Love one another

Jesus said, "Love one another even as I first loved you." (John 15:12).

This is a key tenet of the Christian faith. Jesus first loved us even when we were entirely unlovable, even repulsive. Yet He loved us and died for us that we may live eternally. In like manner we are to love one another.

This is not easy to do..But it is a basic Christian standard for which we are to strive.

Speaking the hard truth is not tantamount to hate. Jesus taught us to "speak the truth in love." The truth can be harsh but must be said. This does not mean we are to betray confidences or unleash factual statements willy nillly when it is more appropriate to remain silent.Wisdom comes into play here.

Regarding my statements concerning certain politicians, I may be quite harsh in telling the truth. This does not mean I don;t love them personally and stand ready to help them if they want my help. If I were given the opportunity to meet privately with Hillary and Bill and even the Obamas, I would show hospitality and the willingness to help.This does not mean that I refuse to speak hard truths in love.

We can love the ones we have deep differences with while speaking the hard truth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Don't be fooled by Hillary Clinton

Some people have told me they think Hillary is an acceptable alternative to Trump. Really? If so,you are being duped just as the country was duped twice by Obama. Hillary is dangerous, a charlatan, an incompetent given the mess she created and left in the middle east.

Now she claims Trump is "inciting violence" toward her by merely stating a fact, that ant attempt to negate the constitutional right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms will be perceived by multi millions of gun owners as a declaration of war declared against the public by a hostile government that is determined to disarm law abiding citizens just as Hitler did in Germany prior to   declaring himself as supreme dictator.

This is a fact. The people will not allow such a thing here without a fight. But those of Hillary's ilk are determined to negate the Second Amendment and parts of the First Amendment. Her supporters on the Supreme Court such as Kagan have said it is necessary to curtail the right of free speech on certain occasions. These people are highly dangerous and stand poised to take over the government if they get a chance.

Hillary even went as far as to claim churches may need to curtail free speech and freedom of religion. They need to change their beliefs when it comes to abortion in particular. So what got her so riled that she found it necessary to attack basic human freedoms? She was mad that some within Christianity used harsh language toward Islam, even those who are known terrorists.  She was also in a twit over the fact that many Christians oppose what the government is doing regarding "gay marriage."

Excuse me, Hillary, but you don't get to decide what I believe nor do you have the power to dictate to my church what it believes, that is, back before America began to head down a very dangerous path in the hands of so-called "progressives" who do not share our love for American values of liberty. All of what we thought was true about America will be out the window if these people gain more of a foothold.

That is a fair warning, especially for the Christian who values the truth. It is my solemn duty as an ordained minister for nearly 40 years to warn you that you are being duped by lies if you believe what these people like Hillary, Kagan, and others of their ilk tell you. You need to wake up to the truth, and you need to repent of your failure to recognize the lies that originate in the depths of hell itself.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

A brief statement of faith

Honorable people who have values will not be able to vote for Hillary Clinton. She and her husband wrote the book on corruption long before the advent of people like Barack Obama. She may well destroy the country with her disdain for the Constitution and her inherent corruption. .

This brings me to an overview of basic values. I say these things from a Christian perspective that I will title "A Brief Statement of Faith."

First, the absolute essential here is that Christ is the son of the living God who died for sins, shedding his blood and dying on a wooden cross to obliterate our sins and purchase our pardon and secure a place in heaven where we will live eternally.

As Christ's disciples who have accepted Him as Savior and Lord, our values are going to reflect the fact that we are His servants.This includes our political views and who we vote for.

These values include honesty, honor, trustworthiness, love for all people, compassion , treating others the way we want to be treated, to name a few.

We will delve further into these matters and others next time we meet,