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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Don't be fooled by Hillary Clinton

Some people have told me they think Hillary is an acceptable alternative to Trump. Really? If so,you are being duped just as the country was duped twice by Obama. Hillary is dangerous, a charlatan, an incompetent given the mess she created and left in the middle east.

Now she claims Trump is "inciting violence" toward her by merely stating a fact, that ant attempt to negate the constitutional right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms will be perceived by multi millions of gun owners as a declaration of war declared against the public by a hostile government that is determined to disarm law abiding citizens just as Hitler did in Germany prior to   declaring himself as supreme dictator.

This is a fact. The people will not allow such a thing here without a fight. But those of Hillary's ilk are determined to negate the Second Amendment and parts of the First Amendment. Her supporters on the Supreme Court such as Kagan have said it is necessary to curtail the right of free speech on certain occasions. These people are highly dangerous and stand poised to take over the government if they get a chance.

Hillary even went as far as to claim churches may need to curtail free speech and freedom of religion. They need to change their beliefs when it comes to abortion in particular. So what got her so riled that she found it necessary to attack basic human freedoms? She was mad that some within Christianity used harsh language toward Islam, even those who are known terrorists.  She was also in a twit over the fact that many Christians oppose what the government is doing regarding "gay marriage."

Excuse me, Hillary, but you don't get to decide what I believe nor do you have the power to dictate to my church what it believes, that is, back before America began to head down a very dangerous path in the hands of so-called "progressives" who do not share our love for American values of liberty. All of what we thought was true about America will be out the window if these people gain more of a foothold.

That is a fair warning, especially for the Christian who values the truth. It is my solemn duty as an ordained minister for nearly 40 years to warn you that you are being duped by lies if you believe what these people like Hillary, Kagan, and others of their ilk tell you. You need to wake up to the truth, and you need to repent of your failure to recognize the lies that originate in the depths of hell itself.


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