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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Don't believe everything you hear

The adage, "You can't believe everything you hear," is true across many spectres. But no greater example exits than what is going on in the current race for president. The race is much closer than what we have been led to believe by an agenda driven media.

Supposedly, Trump has wounded himself so badly that he will never dig out of the debris. And supposedly Hillary has opened a double digit lead which will insure her election to the presidency. Various and sundry polls have been rolled out to prove the point -- NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBCand FOX.  But the polls that have proved to be most reliable in the past paint a very different scenario.

These polls show a very tight race with Clinton and Trump running neck and neck, even in areas that have not been friendly to Republicans.

Hillary's troubles seem to revolve around the trust factor. Most Americans believe she is untrustworthy and they have had decades to prove their nagging doutbs as to her integiity or lack therof..

So, look with a wary eye to those whose sole purpose in poling is to advance an agenda.


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