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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rumors suggest Palin may become Trump's running mate

This evening former Alaska governor and running mate to John McCain in the 2008 presidential race, Sarah Palin, endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency. Speaking before a large, enthusiastic crowd in Ames, Iowa, Palin told the crowd that Trump is one of the few who could make America great again. Some have remarked that Trump has much more in mind for Palin, not just an endorsement.

Touting his ability to create jobs for thousands of Americans within our own borders, Palin asserted that Trump has the means to get the economy moving again at a time when little has been done in Washington to end America's financial woes. She further expressed enthusiasm for Trump's statements on the border wall, legal immigration as a means to stop the flood of illegal aliens, gun rights, and a tax structure that will serve as an incentive for small businesses and large corporations to expand, create jobs, and to be bullish on America.

The Examiner has learned, however, that rumors abound behind the scenes concerning a possible offer to Palin from Trump to serve as his vice presidential running mate. So far both Trump and Palin have been totally silent on the subject.

During a meeting of the Young America's Foundation recently, Palin made a personal appearance to promote her new book "Sweet Freedom." But whether she intended to or not she sounded like a candidate either as someone's running mate or as a presidential candidate herself. While no one at the meeting mentioned the subject at all, behind the scenes in private there was a cautious, slow moving rumor that the possibility of a Trump-Palin ticket was being discussed. Later, speaking on condition of anonymity to an investigative reporter, the anonymous informant stated that word of a possible Palin addition to the ticket was more than just a rumor. The fact that it is being discussed at all means someone in the Trump campaign believes that such a ticket is well worth considering even if nothing comes of it.

However, questions abound. Is Palin truly interested in the job? Conventional wisdom says no, an emphatic no. But Palin is anything but a conventional politician. Is Trump truly interested in having her on the ticket? That remains to be seen. If the rumors are true and if Trump is truly interested in having Palin on the ticket, then he will do anything -- including the hard sell -- to convince a reluctant Palin to join him in turning America around from the current march into the abyss,

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Anonymous said...

If not veep then Secretary of Interior.