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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Growing numbers of scientists say global warming a political theory rather than scientific fact

As most of you know by now, forecast models Wednesday predicted a major blizzard for New York City, Washington, D.C., and other densely populated areas of the Mid-Atlantic beginning Friday of this week. That prediction has proved to be correct. High winds and  crippling snow of more than a foot are expected. Some areas expect over three feet of snow.

The blizzard has already reignited the hotly contested debate over global warming. One television news crew, for example, seized the blizzard to disparage those who point to snow storms and blizzards as ample evidence that the doom and gloom of the global warming true believers is likely exaggerated and overblown. But the chief meteorologist at the news outlet took the opportunity to do some much needed educating of her own.

The chief weather scientist at the news outlet in question explained to the news crew -- and the public at large -- that just as it is true that major blizzards do not provide enough proof to raise the alarm about global cooling, so it is true that slowly warming temperatures in some areas provide no definitive proof that the entire globe is getting hotter than ever before. And if one blames these warming temperatures on human activity, then the global warming theory is even more suspect.

Temperature fluctuations, said the meteorologist, are normal and have very little to do with human activity. Literally hundreds of climate scientists agree with her. The last Ice Age, for example, occurred long before human life as we know it existed. And ever since the end of that Ice Age the world as a whole has been getting warmer.  At the height of the last Ice Age the layer of deep freeze permafrost reached all the way down to the southeastern portion of the United States, encompassing the Carolinas, Northern Georgia. and other southern portions of the country that today are not associated with cold weather. In addition, the long and gradual warming had nothing to do with human activity, given that primitive man had not yet developed the ability to utilize fossil fuels. Thus, very little carbon was sent up into the air.

And this was the point made by the astute meteorologist. Even if it could be proved that every single area on earth was beset by rising temperatures, such an observation would tell us nothing as to the reason why. As it stands now the rising temperatures can be traced to certain areas and not to every city and country on earth.  The ice shelf of Antarctica can be proved to be growing in thickness and expanse. Climate scientists, however,  consistently fail to point out this crucial fact.


PolyKahr said...


Good to see you back to writing, and as usual, you are spot on. Global Warming is an excuse to extract money from the wallets of the uninformed and put it into the wallets of certain elites. It is, in other words, a grand scheme of theft, all nice and legal, of course.

Living out in the County here, I have been frozen in since late Thursday. The church called to say services Sunday were cancelled. It was interesting watching my grandson who just could not accept that so much of his life depends on electricity when the power went out for a day. But we tried to keep him occupied with board games and conversation. In any case, good to see you are up and taking nourishment.

God bless you,
aka PolyKahr

Welshman said...

Hiya my good friend! Glad to hear from you.

As u know things have been rough here. More testing will be done soon. I will keep u posted.

Glad u are well. Keep things moving upward, and keep the faith!