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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caddell warns there are no real Democrats anymore

This and other articles by me can be found at Examiner this week.
Appearing on a panel on the Fox News Channel over the weekend a former Democratic official for the Jimmy Carter campaign warned  centrist Democrats and the American people  that what was once embraced as the Democratic Party has now thoroughly morphed into an extremist group that promotes socialism and even totalitarian ideology. The name may be the same but the ideology has not. Former Carter official Pat Caddell made the remarks in response to a statement by a fellow panelist that Republicans are right wing extremists.

Further Caddell charged that the entire American government in both Parties  has lost the consent of the governed. Caddell cites a recent poll  that shows that 90 percent of Americans say Washington politicians do not work for the people but for themselves. The rage this has caused is palpable. Not only are most Republicans livid over the betrayals by their elected officials but Democrats are just as angry -- if the polls are right.

if most Democrats would be totally candid they would have to admit that the Democratic presidents in the past they have considered great would today be unwelcome in their own Party, such as FDR, Harry Truman, John F Kennedy, and others who never made it to the White House such as Hubert Humphrey and Henry "Scoop" Jackson.  Hubert Humphrey once remarked he was proud to be a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association -- the NRA. And Humphrey was far from being the only one. Would Obama, California governor Jerry Brown, Colorado governor Hickenlooper, or US Sen Elizabeth Warren for example seek to oust  JFK, FDR, or LBJ from the Democratic Party due to their views on guns? it is easy to believe they would with the constant derogatory rhetoric used against gun owners.

And this brings us back to the subject at hand on this and any number of issues.  Caddell the Democrat believes it is the Democrats who have become extremist.

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