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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bumped over here

Well, Examiner is being awfully slow about fixing the latest technical issue, this one making it impossible to write and post, and then read, the writers' material. So, I have bumped my commentary over here, at The Liberty Sphere, where it will remain until Examiner decides that its writers are importance enough to fix major problems expeditiously.

The major bombshell of a news story, which no one is reporting in the MSM or on conservative outlets, is that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) wishes to regulate The Drudge Report and other conservative bloggers and sites. Or I should say the DEMOCRATS on the FEC want to do so.

This amounts to an all out assault on free speech and freedom of the press. Here is the full story.

The modus operandi of Democrats, progressives, and other neo-Marxists is to control and dominate the reporting of the news in order to give it a slant against detractors. Thus, here they are only proving that we conservatives have been right about them all along.

A second story appeared on Drudge about this issue here.

As always, when major crises occur in the country that dominate the airwaves, newspapers, etc., it is vitally important that the right hand know what the left hand is doing. In that hidden left hand is the real story. And while the MSM focuses its microscope on Ebola, school shootings, terrorism in Canada, the Obama Administration and their mouthpieces in the Democratic Party are doing their dirty work to attack and undermine the rights of the people.

Freedom of expression is in deep trouble in America. Under this regime we have seen countless attempts to shut us up, that is, the citizenry, conservatives, libertarians, conservative evangelical Christians, and Tea Party patriots.

Watch them carefully, folks. The collectivist leviathan is on the march. They ARE coming after your rights and liberties. And that includes Hagan in North Carolina, Nunn who running in Georgia, Udall in Colorado, Landrieu in Louisiana, and countless others.

There is no such thing as a conservative Democrat anymore. If they sound that way, it is deliberate, a scheme to get elected by fooling their constituents into thinking they are "one of the people," Well, unless a majority of your congressional district is made up of Communists, and unless the majority of your state is populated by neo-Marxist freedom-robbers, that only proves that your Democratic candidate is a big liar.

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