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Friday, October 24, 2014

Trouble, oh trouble...yeah, I got trouble, it follows me around, haunts my mind, and plays havoc with every move I make

Evening, friends. I got troubles....again.

This time the source is Examiner. The page won't load right. All of my data is pushed to the far left side of the page, some of it being unreadable. Examiner says they have heard from a significant number of writers complaining about the same thing today. But others have had no trouble at all.

But if something bad is out there lurking, you can bet the bottom dollar in your wallet it's gonna lodge with me sooner or later. I attract troubles like bees to honey.

This is just foul. Mega foul. Horse ca ca. And, of course this is going to happen on a weekend just when most of the staff is off for the weekend.

So, if I am not publishing, you'll know that's the reason why. And if I'm not posting on this blog you'll know I am mad as fire, ill as a hornet, and mean as a rattlesnake, and had just as soon go back to my cave and my cot and hide. But, I will try to muster enough politeness to give you a report each day, if I can.

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