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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Study shows proof positive that large numbers of illegal aliens vote!

I have often charged that elections in the United States are skewed due to voter fraud and election tampering. We now have a major study proving this is true.

The reason Democrats want open borders, amnesty, and the like, and the reason Democrats want no requirements for Voter I.D. is that they know fraud is taking place that tips the balance in their direction.

NRO reports the facts concerning this ground breaking study conducted by Cooperative Congressional Election Study.

Most who have reported voter fraud in the past have contended that illegal aliens have voted in such small numbers that only those races decided by a few hundred votes may have been effected.

Not so fast. This comprehensive study claims that over 700,000 illegal aliens vote in our elections, a number so large that the results of countless elections could have been skewed and decided fraudulently.

A free society based on Constitutional principles cannot survive if its elections cannot be secured any better than that.

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