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Monday, September 29, 2014

Did you see the latest shenanigans in Texas?

The last time I wrote about the concerted effort on the part of progressives and Democrats to turn Texas from red to blue elicited some strong reaction from residents in the state. "Over my dead body," one declared. "Don't mess with Texas," said another.

While I am glad that many Texas citizens see the threat and are taking steps to counteract it, I am also aware that the progressive underground is hard at work ignoring them and pushing forward to take the state, even if they must break the law to do so.

Remember, this is how progressives make inroads into conservative territory. Voter fraud and election tampering is in their DNA. And this is why honest citizens cannot afford to hope for the best by assuming all people are as trustworthy as we are. A word to the wise.

And as this news article shows, the dirty rotten electioneers of the progressive cabal are working overtime in Texas. Beware, patriots!

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