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Monday, September 29, 2014

Obama continues the blame game

The petulant child that occupies the Oval Office continues his blame game as he
"explains" to 60 Minutes' Steve Croft how the administration missed something as powerful and dangerous as ISIS. This time, however, he had sense enough not to blame Bush. Rather, he blamed his own intelligence-gathering apparatus.

Obama said that the intelligence community, headed by James Clapper, missed all the signals of a new type of terrorist as depicted in ISIS. He further claimed that they grossly overestimated the ability of the Iraqi army to defend itself once Obama pulled out all U.S. troops.

First, Obama flat-out lied. His commanders on the ground all told him that the United States needed to keep a residual force of troops in the region even after we withdrew. This was due to one reason alone -- they all knew that without that support we would lose back to extremists all of the ground we had gained in the Iraqi War. Obama ignored them.

Second, Obama flat-out lied again when he stated that the intelligence community "missed" all the signals that a new and much stronger terrorist organization was rising in the region by the name of ISIS. False again. Earlier last week the administration, including the White House press secretary, stated that the military, the CIA, the State Department, and others had been monitoring ISIS for TWO YEARS! So not only did they know but they tracked them.

But this brings us to an even more important question -- if all of these agencies in the administration knew all about ISIS, why did they fail to stop them? One would think that something as barbaric and dangerous as this group would necessitate a quick, decisive military response that would decapitate the serpent before they started on a head-chopping spree against Christians, Jews, and moderate Muslims in the region.

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