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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday nights at the White House

Well, my friends, it's Friday night and it is time once again to closely monitor the White House, and the rest of the government, to see if there is some bombshell lurking around that is ready for release. During the last six years the Administration waits to report controversial news items until Friday night when most are not paying attention.

This is not the only way the Administration attempts to blunt the impact of news that places it in a bad light. They are known to wait until Congress is out of town so that no oversight is provided over their actions.

By the way, Obama is going to need the approval of Congress eventually for its actions in Syria and Iraq. Only Congress can declare war, but even if military action is not connected with a specific war, the War Powers Act mandates that when a president sends in the military in an emergency situation, he must eventually come to Congress for ultimate approval, or else he has acted illegally.

But of course right now none of that matters. Congress is out of town for the November midterm elections. And even if they were in town, would it really matter? This president has never worried about staying within the boundaries of the law on anything.

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