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Friday, August 01, 2014

Just in case you missed my many posts, statements, and declarations concerning Israel, here it is again

This blog stands with Israel. This blog stands against radicalized Islam. In fact, the blogger here is convinced that Islam itself has become a threat.

In modern America and Israel, and a growing number of nations around the world, Islam has become the single largest source of demonic power. Yes, I said it. DEMONIC! Islam produces headchoppers. Islam produces radicalized extremists. Islam produces terrorism and the most horrific acts of barbarism against human beings than any other group.

True, Islam is interpreted differently by moderate Muslims. But the fact remains that this religion is still the biggest single source of barbarism in the world. Why is that? What is it about that religion that leads nutcases and headchoppers to do their dirty work?

If anything is to be done about terrorism and "Palestinians" who belong in Jordon, the original Palestinian state, then moderate Muslims need to be the ones to do it. They could do a lot to reign in these loony birds, but somehow whatever they have done is not enough. That is not our problem and it is not Israel's problem, except to protect ourselves against the extremists. Since these extremists do their dirty work in the name of Islam, then it is up to moderate Muslims to stop this insanity by apprehending and executing murdering terrorists.

But since they have refused to do anything about it, Israel should be given free reign to purge Gaza of all Muslims. Bomb the hell out of them. Send the rest to Jordon. But get rid of the vermin living in a place they have no reason being to begin with. The entire region was in Hebrew and Christian hands many centuries before Islam was formed.

So let me say it again. I stand with Israel. I stand against Palestinians. Israel is a sovereign nation. They do not need our approval to do one damn thing. Let them do whatever is necessary to protect their country and to rid the region of barbarian Muslims.


Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, sir. Let Israel be Israel, and let it wipe out its enemies. They deserve our unqualified support, and nothing less.

Welshman said...


Anonymous said...

Indicative of the stance of this administration is the fact that the Israelis have now begun to distance themselves from us. I think the people of the US strongly support the Israelis, but once again the governing regime of the US acts contrary to the desires of it's citizens.

Welshman said...

And refuses to honor treaties we have signed and approved with our allies, such as Israel. You are 100 percent correct,