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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A totalitarian coup under way in America

...when the worst people among us get elected to Congress and the presidency, and appointed to the courts, not only will the Constitution be ignored and maligned but those who do so will claim they are supporting the Constitution. It is easy to trick the dumbed down populace into believing that attacking the Constitution is actually supporting it. Most of the graduates of the public schools and colleges are the products of this lunacy. And the politicians, the elitists, and the intelligentsia are counting on this display of moronic "rationality." When high school and college graduates today are a mere two or three steps away from being certified imbeciles, the purveyors of totalitarianism can easily get them to believe anything, even precepts that are self-contradictory.

Totalitarianism is an easy sell to the brain dead. 
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