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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A holding pattern

Not much different today than yesterday with the eyes. This post here is just to say hello. So much is going on in the news, I am chomping at the bits to get back to writing at my peak level. So much I want to say, so little time to do so.

One thing I will roll out for this evening. Barack Obama and his comrades want traditional Americans dead. First it was Obamacare. A killer. Then the VA scandal. Another killer. Then his bumbling foreign policy along with the Hildabeast and "Lurch" John Kerry has made us highly vulnerable to terrorists, drug cartels, human traffickers, and neo-Commies under Putin's Russia. And now? How about the borders being so wide open that anybody with any killer disease on earth can easily get into the country. Obama refuses to enforce immigration law. So, we are being inundated with Malaria that is being brought in by illegal aliens from South and Central America. We are on the brink of having the dreaded Ebola virus as well. If that virus hits the U.S. mainland, you may as well get set for a pandemic of historic proportions. Even those who are healthy will be under quarantine to prevent them from coming into contact with the infected.

And Obama wants amnesty for these illegals. So does Hillary. So do Reid and Pelosi. Let THEM pay for the costs of their food, clothing, and so forth. And let THEM go to the front lines to care for Ebola and Malaria patients. I can think of nobody any more suited for it than those screaming about how America needs to expand immigration, stop deportation, and grant amnesty to as many as possible no matter how sick or dangerous they may be. I am sick and tired of politicians telling me what is "compassionate" although they themselves refuse to lift a finger to get PERSONALLY involved on the front lines. They are worthless excuses for humanity.

Let those who scream the loudest about all of this being "compassionate" show the rest of us what it means to do so. Let THEM be the role models to go directly to those who are suffering the most from foreign countries. How about it Hillary? How bout it Obama? Reid? Pelosi? Nahhhhh, I didn't think you would, you despicable, contemptible hypocrites. If it were up to me there would be ZERO immunity for those serving in elected office. ALL of you would be immediately taken to jail in handcuffs awaiting trial.


tjbbpgobIII said...

Well, it looks like another prediction is coming true now. A diseased American is now coming home, to Atlanta of all places. Near to us both, about 150 miles from me.

Welshman said...

While I am a bit leery of their bringing Ebola to the U.S., I also feel for the doctor involved. It was probably only a matter of time anyway for Ebola to show up in the American populace. These are certainly not the best of times for the U.S. on various fronts.