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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Well, I sure did hit a dead end with THAT one...and picked up a bug in the process

OK, my last post was intended to notify you in advance of what I believed was a major story. But it did not pan out.

Those loose ends that I had intended to tie together, as it turns out, cannot be tied together, at least not yet. Contrary to my detractors who claim that I revel in rumor-mongering, I really do try to verify sources and check out the trustworthiness of those who pass along information.

There are times when I have been burned, bad, that's for sure. Issuing retractions and making apologies in this business is no fun. And those who have admitted that they are your enemies have no hesitation whatsoever in continuing to malign your character even when you have retracted a story or parts of it. They will use it to tar and feather you even though you have apologized.

These people (progressive-collectivists) are not very nice people. Their history alone proves that, but unfortunately with our dumbed-down educational system most people today have no clue about what collectivism has done to hundreds of millions of human beings in the 20th century alone. But those who know the history, particularly those who have experienced it up close and personal, are well aware that these are not good people. They have embraced evil from top to bottom. Any economic system whose foundation is taking money from some citizens against their will in order to give to other citizens who may or may not deserve it, is pure evil. We call that stealing. And it is just as evil when government does it as when an individual does it.  

So, this is in part what we are dealing with. We have to watch our backs constantly. And those of us who help expose them sometimes put our reputations and lives on the line. They will come after us with a vengeance. So, we have to be sure we get the facts right on stories we report.

Now, moving on from that, while in the process of trying to tie loose ends together on the story, I picked up a nasty bug. So, I write this to you sick as a dog and sick of dealing with it. But again, many if not most of you know exactly what I am talking about. But the thing that is unusual is that these kinds of things usually don't happen in summertime or during warm weather. The last summer cold I had was in 1988. I remember the date clearly because of how awful the whole thing was.

So, my lesson to you today is, don't get a summer cold. And if you do, load up with the meds!


Rev. Paul said...

Get better VERY soon, my friend.

Welshman said...

Thank you my brother. It's hard to keep this old curmudgeon down. In fact, I am working tonight. lol