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Saturday, June 14, 2014

There is a story after all

Well, folks, it turns out that just when I thought hope was gone concerning that big story I told you about earlier in the week and that I had hit a dead end, there is indeed a big story here after all.

This, the week of June 7, 2014, has turned out to be perhaps the most pivotal week of the century in terms of our survival as a nation. Yes, it is just that bad.

I will post it all in an Examiner article tomorrow. I still need to put the finishing touches on it.

Now, you may well come away from what I have to say thinking, "But I already knew that." That is because you are a part of a tiny minority in America today -- the well-informed, rational citizen who pays attention. I have always said that readers of The Liberty Sphere are the most intelligent and the most informed readers on the Internet. This is because you take your citizenship seriously. You dig deeper than most in order to find out the truth. And you know better than anyone that what we are being told by this administration, by most in Congress, and by most who sit on the Supreme Court, is a crock of horse ca ca. Do they really think we are dumb enough to buy their laughable explanations and juvenile rationalizations concerning what is going on in government?

Well, yes, they do indeed believe most Americans are that dumb, and on that point they are right. But for those of us who have our eyes open and can actually think, we know the deal, and deal is not good.

So don't be surprised if you read tomorrow's article and come away disappointed that it broke no new ground. Those of you who are astute and in the know are not going to be surprised. But, believe it or not, did you know that millions of Americans who are reasonably able to think still believe in the lies of this government? They will be surprised by what I have to say, which is a good thing. Citizens need to be so shocked and shaken that they will do something to stop the insanity in Washington.

I hope that your patience in this matter will pay off. What I have to say tomorrow will put it all in clear perspective, so plain that a child can understand, unless the propagandists of the public school system brainwash them first.

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