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Monday, January 06, 2014

Buffoons, one and all

Let me go ahead and say what I deeply feel but have been holding back for a while -- if you believe in this "global warming" crap you are a fool, a nutcase, a buffoon.

It is not just the present anecdotal evidence but the hard scientific data that shows projections concerning the climate to be wrong, way off base.

And then, of course, there is the circular "logic" that if it gets very hot, it is global warming, and if it gets very cold, it is global warming. How convenient for these geniuses. Either way they win, and either way their critics lose. There is nothing scientific, logical, or sane about it, other than the fact that scientific charlatans know how to manipulate rhetoric almost as deftly as they have the data on global temperatures.

Another basic fact for scientific imbeciles -- if you have to move weather stations from cold regions to warmer ones, and place some gauges right in front of air conditioning exhaust units in large cities to "prove" your hypothesis, then it is clear your hypothesis is doomed right from the start. Committing fraud does not yield scientific evidence, you scumbag.

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