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Monday, January 06, 2014

Run for your lives, the Leviathans are back in town!

They're baaaaaack.

After an extended holiday break, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the president are all back in D.C. ready to rescue you from your money, your property, your individual liberties.

Things are so much better when these numbskulls leave town. As long as they are outta there they cannot conjure up new ways of oppressing us. No new regulations are passed that hamstring businesses. And there is a lull in the attempts to register and confiscate your guns.

But when they all come back, it's "Katy, bar the door!"

Look for the Leviathans, i.e., Obama, Reid, the Supreme Court, and the Republican elitist leadership to kick everything up into high gear to get the oppressive progressive agenda shoved so far down our throats we will never get away from it.

Their fear? That they will lose the Senate and lose more seats in the House, thus making Obama a true lame duck for the next two years. So, they will try to force their agenda through Congress knowing that if they don't do it now, they may not have another opportunity come 2015.

Watch for them to say anything, do anything, try anything to sneak through legislation or in Obama's case do it all by executive order.

Just a word to the wise....

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