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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 1/6/2014

Hello there! After an extended break for Christmas and New Year's it is time to get cranked up with our Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup section -- a regular feature here at the Liberty Sphere.

Kurt Hofmann reports that a gun control advocate has compared himself to the victims of tyranny. ROFL! Another example of inverted thinking, courtesy of the progressives.

Mike Vanderboegh relays the news that the FBI no longer focuses on law enforcement as a priority. Take a look to see what they've been doing.

David Codrea says that the judge who upheld New York's ridiculous gun control laws based his decision on false assumptions. And look at the comment section where gun control fanatics do everything EXCEPT have a "civil, national conversation."

WRSA takes a look at the appalling police state in review.

Karl Denninger has more about the "global warming" bull crap.

Way Up North posts some good advice on how to survive extremely cold temps, along with the straight scoop on the false report that Alaskan salmon have been contaminated.

Traction Control shows off his new additions to his gun and gun accessory inventory. Remember he is a federally licensed firearms dealer. Take a look sometime.

John Jacob H provides an excellent, easy to follow chart on "who owns your congressman." This follows the money trail about as thoroughly as any report I've seen.

Brigid blogs on the night that was not safe for man or beast.

Gateway Pundit says that Dick Metcalf has discovered that traitors to the 2nd Amendment will not be treated well. BTW, Gateway guru Jim Hoft is having surgery today to replace his knee that he lost back in August in his bout with a nasty Strep bacteria that nearly took his life. Our prayers go out to him.

Days of our Trailers has more on the Metcalf story.

Golden Geese News has an excellent piece on capitalism, liberalism, and a travesty of politics in an article in Rolling Stone.

Every Blade of Grass provides a most interesting piece for those who are into old cars. The problem is that Kalifornistan is increasingly hostile to such things.

CLO notes some of the Left's "proudest moments," only they weren't.

Roberta X live-blogged the big snow and cold event in Indianapolis.

Alphecca gives us the details on the two new Obama proposals for gun buyer background checks.

Pamela Geller has evidence that Jihad has come to American soil yet again. The FBI and the ATF are investigating the fatal explosion of a building in Minneapolis on New Year's. The scuttlebutt is that it was perpetrated by Muslim extremists.

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