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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, I'm back...

I was gone for a few days there, as you may have noticed, pondering, plotting, planning, and such, not to mention my continued string of musical programs and Bible studies I'm doing in October.

These things are a blessing, for sure, and I enjoy them immensely. But the downside is utter, unadulterated fatigue. The fatigue kicked into high gear this week.

But, we must press on. "I" must press on!

These are not the days for rest. These are the days for vigilance and action.

Read my latest below, and THINK. Think long and hard. Ruminate. Cogitate. Digest. And let the truth fill you -- pure, unvarnished truth. Lies or half-truths will doom us. Most Americans are already there. You will be different. You MUST be different.

Reality will make you different. But reality will lead you to make rational decisions.

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