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Friday, October 25, 2013

Obamacare: It's bad, but how bad?

Americans were warned early on in 2008 about Obamacare. Most turned a deaf ear. Americans were warned again in 2012. Most turned a deaf ear yet again.

Unfortunately for the entire country there is a heavy price to be paid for these two colossal mistakes in electing those who had promised they would give us this fiasco.

The excuse, "But...but we were lied to," doesn't cut it. There were plenty of us telling you the truth, but you chose instead to listen to liars who called us liars because we dared expose them and their plans.

Now, if the website for signing up for Obamacare is in shambles, you can be sure that what is behind the scenes in the program is much worse. A website that won't work is only an outward symptom of an inner system failure.

And we, the dumb schmucks got screwed.

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