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Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...'

The popular super-group Fleetwood Mac certainly did not intend for the lyrics of one its most popular songs, "Little Lies," to be used politically, yet at least some of the lyrics perfectly describe politics in America today.

Following one of the events I have been doing for churches this October, a lady approached me afterward with some profound if not positive truth.

She stated that most Americans, not even most Christians, wish to hear the whole truth anymore -- not in politics, not in Christianity, not in economics, not in anything whatsoever.

She said that Americans want to believe fairy tales that placate them and sooth their fears, even if those words are patently false. She said Christians have turned their backs on the Gospel. How? They want only half-truths and not the whole truth. The whole truth is too unpleasant and painful.

A half-truth is not the truth but a lie.

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