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Sunday, September 22, 2013

This kind of drama just adds to my woes and makes everything sharing it helps get it off my chest

Ok, folks, bear with me for a bit, will ya?

I need to get something off my chest that is bothering me to no end. It will help me if I can unload it. In fact, I think such a thing is therapeutic.

A week or so ago I encountered someone on Twitter that I never remember seeing before. I am aware that sometimes people go incognito and use different screen names, but this person never identified himself. Out of the blue he pops up and rakes me over the coals for using a certain hashtag that a bunch of us used to expand our follow base and to watch each other's backs in case of a Twitter attack by liberals. He stated that the main person/persons who started that hashtag group had done him wrong at some point in the past and that he would no longer consider a person a friend if they used the hashtag.

Again, he would only say he was a "friend of mine," a very VERY good friend of mine, but he would still not identify himself. I told him I could not take drastic action like that based on hearsay and that I had no way of knowing anything about the confrontations he had with them except for his word and theirs. I referred to him as "Pal" in my response because by that time I was getting rather annoyed.

He then told me off and blocked me.

Now, if you have been a conservative on Twitter for a while, you are aware that this type of drama crops up every now and then. Words are exchanged and then ppl are blocked. I have done it myself.

But in this case someone told me later that I did, in fact, know this person and that he and I had been good friends on Twitter. I also found out his name, which I will not disclose. It's not that important.

When I found out who this person was, I tried to contact him through his account, but because I had been blocked I was not allowed access, not even an email or instant message.

Now, in the past when Internet drama has reared its ugly head and I have defended myself against what I think are unfair attacks, one way or another I get the shaft. The perpetrators spread outright lies about me, or accuse me of things I did not do, and encourage others to consider me an enemy and to stop reading my articles.

This is nothing but pure unmitigated hateful and malicious character assassination.

And, with readership at Examiner plummeting the way it has, I have wondered if this person had anything to do with it. A group of scumbags at Free Republic did it to me several years ago, which also hurt my bottom line. And the things they claimed were barefaced lies. And now I am thinking the worst about this situation, that yet again another so-called "friend" tries to dictate to me how to conduct myself on Twitter, and then blocks and wreaks havoc on me when I refuse to be anybody's patsy.

At about the same time that this person blocked me, I noticed that dozens of former friends on Twitter suddenly stopped retweeting my Examiner articles. Here again, is this mere coincidence? It doesn't sound like it.

My point here I suppose is to vent. I have had a very serious bout with eye inflammation, and frankly, I don't need this kind of drama in my life. The childishness, viciousness, and outright evil desire to do me harm is just plain evil and is more appropriate for the sandbox at the playground. Mature adults don't act that way. And anyone who deliberately spreads falsehoods about someone is under the influence of evil. It is Satanic. (The people at Free Republic, are you listening here???).

I mention Free Republic because even after all of this time, some of their maliciousness is still posted on the Internet. If they were reputable and honorable, they would have taken it down and apologized and issued retractions a LONG time ago!

And anyone who calls me a "friend" but explodes into a furry over a hashtag I use is no real friend. Let me tell you folks something. I am my own man. I don't do your bidding. I am not your water boy. I am not here to serve your needs. I am no man's slave. I do my own thinking, and I make my own decisions. And if that is offensive to you, then get lost. I don't need friends like you. GOT IT?????

Geeez. Some people either need to grow up, get right with the Lord Jesus Christ, or both. Now, I have vented, and from this point forth I am done with it.


Gods Modern Day Martyr said...

Anthony, You did right and you rightly discerned....evil forces are among us. Be strong, Comrade! We all have our individual battles and yes, "ranting" is our way to converse and plea your case to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I personally have not seen nor heard of any attacks about you or towards you. I pray, in the Name of Jesus Christ and rebuke the evil demons in your surrounding. Thank You, Father. Amen

Welshman said...

This means a great deal to me, so thank you kindly for such a powerful reminder of the power of God in the face of such evil. Blessing to you!

Rev. Paul said...

The first comment is exactly correct. Now look to the mountains from whence cometh your help, for God Himself will defend you. Amen!

Welshman said...

Thanks, Paul. It is helpful to be reminded of things that we sometimes forget, particularly, that God fights these kinds of battles for us when we turn it over to Him.