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Friday, September 20, 2013

A brief explanation for those who need one

Some readers want to know why my posts have been fewer in number of late.

I am happy to answer, although I will say that if you have been reading you probably already know. Be that as it may, here is a brief explanation.

The inflammatory condition with which I have been afflicted since 2008 effects the eyes and potentially other bodily systems. The eyes seem to be the place my inflammatory enemy prefers, for some unknown reason. So, when there is a flare up, I cannot see well, my head hurts, glare and lights are painful, and thus, writing on the computer is a bummer.

Prednizone eyedrops usually take care of it. But this time it has taken longer than normal, reason unknown. I have also had Prednizone injections directly into the eyes as a form of treatment. Prednizone pills by mouth have also been used to great success. But only the injections allow me to avoid the side effects that go with Prednizone, which can be considerable and very annoying/discouraging.

I was also told by my eye specialist that I am going to need surgery in one eye very soon. Eventually, perhaps late next year I will need the same thing done in the other eye. So, this is by no means over. I need and appreciate your prayers.

Thankfully, things are improving. I hope to be back on a regular schedule here next week, along with the Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup. I will keep you posted, and thank you to those who have shown that you care.


Rev. Paul said...

Your vision - indeed, your health overall - is more important than a blog post, no matter the content. Be healed and whole first, my friend.

Welshman said...

I always appreciate your prayers, Paul. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We'll patiently await. Rev. Paul is correct.
And prayers and good thoughts your way.


Welshman said...

Than you my friend.
The problem is I myself have trouble patiently waiting. I am chomping at the bits to write and share it. I still do that, but had to cut back when this flare up got rolling again. I guess prayers for patience are in order.