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Friday, September 20, 2013

Answering Democrat threats on government shudown: do it!

Democrats and their allies among the elitists of the Republican Party in Congress are playing a game of "I dare you" when it comes to budget negotiations. Rank and file conservatives in the House are determined to defund Obamacare as a condition of approving the Democrats' request for yet another mind-blowing increase in the national debt ceiling. But Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama threaten to resurrect their tried and tested scheme to keep Republicans in line.

Obama flatly stated that he would no longer negotiate with Congressional Republicans on the budget or the debt ceiling. And Democrats in the Senate threaten that if House Republicans sent them a budget that provides no funds for Obamacare, they will sent the bill right back to the House, meaning that if conservatives persist in defunding the healthcare trainwreck, Democrats in the Senate will refuse to pass a budget at all, and thus, a shutdown of the government will ensue.

House Republicans under Speaker John Boehner have until now cowered in the face of such a threat...

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