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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 9/23/2013

David Codrea reports explosive news on the AP and its reporters who are spreading disinformation about guns in order to advance the gun ban agenda. Here we go again.

Mike Vanderboegh notes there is a lot of civil disobedience going around these days. Good. The only thing needed is a lot more of it.

Kurt Hofmann says that the ethically challenged numbskulls at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are exploiting the Navy Yard shooting to try to expand the number of persons on the prohibited list, who are prohibited from owning guns.

WRSA has more info on the ominous plan of the local, state, and federal leviathans who wish to change American communities by putting lawless punks into the mix in the nice neighborhoods. Should you be afraid? Yes, you should, within reason. Learn to sleep with your semi-automatic rifles in your hands.

Karl Denninger provides another example of why government sponsored healthcare is a pox on the country. Private surgical centers not only provide serious operations effectively, apart from government, but at only 1/5th the cost of a hospital!

Way Up North reports that winter has already hit Alaska, not only with cold temps but snow as well. Curiously, the new calculations being provided by authorities show that there is now more ice in the polar ice caps than at any point since records began to be kept. Do we need any more proof that the global warming nutcases are lying?

Tam posts some "gratuitous gun porn" from Smith and Wesson. Take a look.

Nicki has the latest on the Starbucks gun ban.

From John Jacob H: "Players Retreat--When Liberal Collide."

Golden Geese News tests your spider sense, and points to Obama's threat that he will attack your Second Amendment rights "for the sake of the children."

Gateway Pundit's founder and CEO Jim Hoft had another surgical procedure today but hopes to be discharged at the end of this week. He's been in the hospital for four weeks. Keep him in your prayers.

Every Blade of Grass has an important post on Voter ID and its importance.

Days of our Trailers provides an interesting pictorial on the AK and the SKS.

CLO declares that not only do we have a con man living in the White House but he is quite likely insane.

Pamela Geller reports that not only has Egypt done the right thing by getting rid of the Muslim Brotherhood from power but an Egyptian court has ruled that the Brotherhood be banned from the country. Good.

Alphecca says that gun prices are returning to normal.

Roberta X evaluates Highsmith Guns, which you can access online.

Stand Up America notes that in Los Angeles alone, illegal aliens were paid $650 million in welfare benefits. Yes, your tax money is used to keep up people who are not U.S. citizens!

Gun Owners of America posits 10 myths that are being used to prevent the defunding of Obamacare.

JPFO blows the whistle on a public school teacher who told her class that it is constitutional for police to confiscate the guns of ordinary citizens.

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