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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/11/2013

Mike Vanderboegh declares that the fuse has been lit and that one way or another revolution is coming -- seven critical points on Uncle Sam's spying program.

Stand Up America has highly damaging information on scandal at Hillary Clinton's State Department. I am hearing this stuff may well crush any presidential chances she has.

Roberta X calls our attention to annoying anti-gunners in Indy.

David Codrea reports that Republicans failed to bring up B. Todd Jones' criminal activity in Fast and Furious at the hearings for his confirmation for director of the ATF...which is one of the many reasons I am fed up to the hilt with both Parties, with the exception of a tiny handful. The overwhelming majority cannot be trusted to do the right thing, including Republicans.

Around O-Town notes that Dianne Feinstein simply could not resist opening her trap about the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, whom she considers to be a traitor.

Pamela Geller provides a stinging report on Obama's outreach to radical Muslims.

Kurt Hofmann reports explosive news that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence says that the oath to uphold the Constitution is treason. What a bunch of worthless low-lives.

Gateway Pundit says that despite its massive data collection on multimillions of American citizens, the Obama Administration cannot find or keep up with 6 million illegal aliens. Oh, and by the way, regarding the new "immigration reform" bill, I am now at odds with Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. If the buffoons in Congress keep on, there will soon be ZERO I have any use for. Let's hope Ted Cruz remains true.

Golden Geese News lists all of the pertinent reasons why the government program of collecting information on millions of citizens IS a very big deal...and a dangerous one.

WRSA tells us why NSA snooping is probably much worse than what we've been told.

Karl Denninger states what I have been thinking for years -- National Intelligence Director James Clapper needs to be thrown into the crapper.

Way Up North posts the must-read quote of the day.

Traction Control wonders what scandal is being covered up by the plethora of scandals that are being talked about publicly.

The Wandering Minstrel has info on a lawsuit challenging the new microstamping law in California.

From Standing By: "The NSA and the 4th Amendment." Important!

The Twisters want to know where our common sense has gone. I have the same question. I think America, by and large, has gone slap-raving nuts. Look their examples.

Blonde Sagacity muses on the political ideology of the chilling figure from Biblical prophesy commonly called "the AntiChrist."

1 With a Bullet provides a range report as he introduces a new shooter to guns and gun safety. 

The Smallest Minority tells Barack Obama, "I don't like your face, Obama, either one of them!" He then launches into an example of the duplicity of the president. Very telling.

A Geek with Guns discusses the cultural deterioration of American society. A must read.

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