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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Something to think about...

I hate to engage in unabashed self-promotion, but since nobody is going to do this for me, I am forced to do it myself.

For the past two months readership at the Examiner has plummeted. That has effected nearly all of the writers, such as myself. It seems that overnight, all my readers, or most of them, took a hike. The reason, I am told, are the endless pop up ads on the site.

I know that the ads are aggravating. I have often said the same thing myself. But writers have nothing whatsoever to do with that. Such decisions are made much further up the chain than the lowly writers.

And I use the term "lowly" for a reason. None of us make much money, especially not the political writers. And it does not matter how "good" we are or how well we write. Unless we are able to somehow drag enough readers to the site through our own efforts at self-promotion, then no amount of talent, or skill, or eloquence can produce one penny of pay.

To be blunt, no writer should have to engage in that kind of endless daily grind of self-promotion. But that is the price we must pay for getting our stuff out there, that is, when there are enough readers to read it. Without a significant number of readers, the pay is near zilch, and you can't pay bills or buy a can of beans with zilch.

Now, we writers have complained to high heaven to the powers that be at Examiner over their ill-fated decisions. Believe me, that process has not been pleasant. But much of the time, especially when it comes to pop up ads, complaints do no good whatsoever.

And when you, the readers, decide to take a hike because of your ire over the ads, you wind up hurting the writers the most, the very ones who make the least amount of money in the organization.

I don't get paid unless people actually go to the Examiner site to read my articles. I put in way too much time to write quality stuff only to get paid mere pennies.

One day this week I made all of $2 bucks. Another day I made $4 bucks. Pay has not been this dismal since I first started in 2009. No writer worth his salt should make any less than $50 bucks for an article.

I've thought about hanging it up and leaving altogether. But I need the money, though I make only enough to eat dog food. It is better than eating nothing at all.

Surely there are those of you out there who still believe in American entrepreneurship, a man working for himself, long hours I might add, to make a living by his own wits. It costs you nothing to click on the link that takes you to my page at the Examiner site each day.

One click by your finger each day. Is that asking too much?

Now, if you think I am a shoddy writer who has no talent or skill, then just say so and be done with it. But I don't really believe most of you feel that way.

If, on the other hand, you appreciate my point of view, my voice, my take on the issues, then can you help? Remember, lifting one tiny finger to click on a link is not really asking a whole lot.

Something to think about. Thanks.


Rev. Paul said...

Every time I see that you've posted there, I click on it. I'm sorry to hear what's been happening.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. We're out here.


Welshman said...

Paul, you have been a good friend for a long time. Thanks for your kind words.

ArmedLaughing, thanks for reading. Glad you are "out there."