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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/16/2013

PJ Media declares that immigrating to America is NOT an entitlement.

Free North Carolina posts a video of California police breaking into a home and attacking the homeowner who was filming the incident.

Every Blade of Grass blogs on precision guided firearms.

In the Middle of the Right adds his commentary to the ongoing IRS scandal.

Traction Control has a piece by a writer who says that Obama's legacy is now toast. 

The Stiletto lays out a pattern that shows something ominous afoot in the Obama administration.

Roberta X makes a very important point about the Associated Press/DOJ scandal.

CLO provides the must-read bombshell news of the day.

Gateway Pundit sends an urgent message to all Tea Party groups and similar grassroots organizations. NOW is the time to ACT!

CNS says that a bipartisan Congressional committee has laid down the law to the IRS--turn over all documents, emails, and exchanges between the agency and the White House, and they had better not be amended, redacted, changed, or tampered with!

The War on Guns notes the descriptive words used by the anti-gun bigots in describing gun rights activists. And make no mistake, my friends. Their words are mild compared to what they REALLY think and what they would do to us if they had a chance!

Karl Denninger declares that the economy is NOT getting better, and he has the proof. He also takes to task news media shills who claim otherwise.

WRSA points to a Matt Bracken must-read.

1 With a Bullet did some pricing of a firearm at a pawn shop. Here is what he found.

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