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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Foreign policy: is non-intervention the same as 'isolationism?'

Increasingly the central foreign policy issue facing the United States in an era of deadly national debt is the need to shift to a tactic of non-intervention within other nations around the world.
With a current debt load at over 15 trillion and steadily rising, it is becoming all too clear that the nation cannot afford to continue on its present path of providing a military safety shield to dozens of foreign nations.
Critics argue that the debt is nothing about which to worry, that it could be wiped out in a second by simply refusing to repay it. This is, indeed, an option, though not a preferable one. But even if such a blatant refusal to repay debt were implemented, the nation still would not have addressed the single largest expenditure driving the real debt--unfunded liabilities represented by Social Security and Medicare.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Join Us in the Morning or 24/7 on Internet for A Voice for Freedom Radio--Special Update on Fast and Furious

Join me along with Lori Hendry and Ginger Carlisle in the morning at 11 a.m., or 24/7 on the Internet, for A Voice for Freedom radio on WFHT-AM 1390 Orlando, Florida!

Click here to listen!

Knox: "Family in jail for Holder's crime"

In the year and two months since the story was first reported that the Obama Administration had concocted a scheme to send U.S. guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels for the purpose of creating bogus gun statistics that would help it make a case for massive new firearms control laws, not a single government official has been forced to pay for his or her crimes. Eric Holder lied to Congressconcerning his role in the scandal and has yet to face consequences. But innocent citizens have paid dearly.
Two federal agents were shot to death with the guns the government placed into the hands of Mexican criminals. Hundreds of Mexican citizens living near the southern border have been murdered with those guns. Scores of U.S. citizens in the region have also been murdered. And those firearms continue to show up at numerous crimes scenes in the American Southwest.
In addition, one family--gun store owners--have been sitting in a New Mexican jail for over six months without bail under federal charges for doing nothing more than cooperating with federal officials in what they were told was a sting operation aimed at catching Mexican drug criminals.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, February 16, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

WSRA posts a must-read from T.L. Davis on the defense of liberty.

Mike Vanderboegh comments on Hillary's publicly-stated desire to fill the vacancy as head of the World Bank. First, Amerika, then, the World!

Kurt Hofmann notes the fundraising strategy of the new head of the Brady Campaign to rob citizens of their Second Amendment rights...

David Codrea revisits the issue of Obama's call for photos. And he's got one that I'm sure the Prez will just adore.

CLO calls our attention to the fact that Romney is the ONLY GOP candidate to refuse to take the GOA pledge to undo Obama's UN Small Arms Treaty.

From Standing By: "Government in a Box."

Tam says that the Obama proposal to mandate a single Internet identity for all users is perhaps "the stupidest idea to come out of Washington since the creation of the TSA."

Nicki gives a clue to Eric Holder.

Blonde Sagacity has a most interesting post on the big names in Hollywood and who they support for President.

Roberta X explains 'the Obama cuss jar' and how you can win some money.

Napolitano "sets record straight" about Ron Paul

Although Judge Andrew Napolitano's excellent program,Freedom Watchhas been cancelled at Fox Business Network, the Judge did not "go gentle into that good night." Napolitano took the opportunity to "set the record straight" concerning a few misperceptions about Ron Paul during one of his last shows.
An ardent Ron Paul supporter, Napolitano has been mentioned by some Constitutionalist Republicans as a possible candidate for President.
Mike Ridgway at Republicans Elect says that Napolitano would actually make a much better candidate for the Constitutional cause than Dr. Paul.
Nonetheless, Napolitano addressed some of the concerns conservatives have about Dr. Paul's statements on Israel, the so called 'Palestinians,' Iran, and other issues involving the Middle East which have been easily misconstrued.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Breaking: Issa turns up heat on Holder

After Eric Holder and the Justice Department missed the Feb. 9 deadline to submit subpoenaed documents to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, committee chair Darrell Issa has turned up the heat on Holder in a seven page letter demanding that Justice indicate a specific date the documents will be turned over and designate an official DOJ liaison who will interface with the committee as the investigation moves forward.
The DOJ had requested an open ended extension of the deadline to turn over the documents.
But Issa stated that the committee can wait no longer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Alphecca reports that Ruger stock is going through the roof. True, as with most gun manufacturers--which is about the ONLY industry that has prospered in this Obama depression.

Days of our Trailers has a message from a self-professed genius to all of us who form the ignorant unwashed masses. Yeah, well, I have a message to this 'genius.' When you don't have enough sense to pull down your drawers before taking a crap, bud, you AIN'T no genius!

The New York Liberty Report says that former Obama Marxist czar Van Jones is still firing up the Democratic Party base out on the West Coast.

Stand Up America notes that the Leftwing rag, The New York Times, has done it again. A must-read.

Mike McCarville posts a political cartoon that perfectly depicts Obama's so-called 'compromise' on the free contraception mandate.

Tam comments on the Starbucks and guns controversy.

Newbius calls our attention to a new word, complete with a definition and several examples. lol

Every Blade of Grass issues an important warning to Marlin 60 owners.

Squeaks reports that she is back as a professional singer, getting her first paid gig in several years. Congratulations, Bonnie.

The Wandering Minstrel calls our attention to Obama's secret war on the Second Amendment, and issues a dire warning if this man gets a 2nd term of office.

Obama truth squads: 'ministry of truth' in action?

A perennial characteristic of totalitarian regimes whether they be communist, fascist, or monarchist, is the need to control information. In order for these oppressive governments to succeed they must limit the information the populace receives and manipulate data in order to spin facts to make them favorable to the regime's objectives.
Barack Obama announced yesterday that he would implement 'truth teams,' or 'squads' as some are calling them, to confront critics nationwide prior to the November Presidential election.
When George Orwell published his blockbuster novel entitled1984, he described a fictional totalitarian regime known as 'Big Brother,' which put into place the 'Ministry of Truth'--one of four central agencies of the government--in order to control the flow of information and make so-called 'corrections' to misperceptions. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, February 13, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea points out how insane it is to deal with mental health problems by disarming citizens.

Kurt Hofmann exposes the paranoia and fixation on 'gun crime' that is rampant at the far-left 'Media Matters.'

Mike Vanderboegh posts a video of former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton's comments on the Gunwalker scandal. A must-see.

WRSA posts the dates for a very important patriots' gathering in Georgia.

Way Up North has the must-read quote of the day from none other than Ted Nugent. 

Pamela Geller comments on Obama's intention, announced today, to give 800 million dollars of taxpayers' money to the 'Arab Spring.' Sheesh. You don't want to read what I am thinking right now about this. It is unfit to print.

CLO reports that Obama further announced today the formation of 'truth squads' in preparation for the 2012 election. What are they going to do? Vaporize anybody who doesn't buy into the Obama version of truth, which rarely resembles anything remotely similar to the truth?  Sheesh again.

Brigid provides interesting commentary on the Ruger Mark III.

Standing By notes that the regime offered NO compromise in its 'compromise' with the Catholic church.

Around O-Town offers insight into Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emmanuel's attempt, as mayor of Chicago, to control the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans. Sounds like he's just as bad as 'The Bastard' (mayor of NYC).

Bombshell: cartel kingpins targeted by Feds were FBI informants

A bombshell revelation contained in a memo written by congressional staffers on the Fast and Furious operation indicates that the drug cartel kingpins targeted by Federal law enforcement agencies were actually FBI informants.
The revelation has far reaching implications for the government's stated motivation for implementing Fast and Furious. The Obama Administration claims that the goal was to catch Mexican drug cartel kingpins by walking U.S. guns across the border, making sure that the weapons found their way in the hands of cartel criminals.
But if such 'criminals' were FBI informants, then the entire basis for conducting the operation was bogus and doomed to failure.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New movement seeks to pressure Boehner into action on Fast and Furious

A new movement has been implemented by patriotic Americans that seeks to pressure House Speaker John Boehner into action on the Fast and Furious scandal.
The growing consensus among those reporters who first broke the story of the mammoth government scandal involving the illegal walking of U.S. guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels is that the present inaction of the Issa committee investigation can be traced directly to the intervention of Speaker Boehnerdespite the denials coming out of Boehner's office.