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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Foreign policy: is non-intervention the same as 'isolationism?'

Increasingly the central foreign policy issue facing the United States in an era of deadly national debt is the need to shift to a tactic of non-intervention within other nations around the world.
With a current debt load at over 15 trillion and steadily rising, it is becoming all too clear that the nation cannot afford to continue on its present path of providing a military safety shield to dozens of foreign nations.
Critics argue that the debt is nothing about which to worry, that it could be wiped out in a second by simply refusing to repay it. This is, indeed, an option, though not a preferable one. But even if such a blatant refusal to repay debt were implemented, the nation still would not have addressed the single largest expenditure driving the real debt--unfunded liabilities represented by Social Security and Medicare.

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