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Friday, February 17, 2012

Knox: "Family in jail for Holder's crime"

In the year and two months since the story was first reported that the Obama Administration had concocted a scheme to send U.S. guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels for the purpose of creating bogus gun statistics that would help it make a case for massive new firearms control laws, not a single government official has been forced to pay for his or her crimes. Eric Holder lied to Congressconcerning his role in the scandal and has yet to face consequences. But innocent citizens have paid dearly.
Two federal agents were shot to death with the guns the government placed into the hands of Mexican criminals. Hundreds of Mexican citizens living near the southern border have been murdered with those guns. Scores of U.S. citizens in the region have also been murdered. And those firearms continue to show up at numerous crimes scenes in the American Southwest.
In addition, one family--gun store owners--have been sitting in a New Mexican jail for over six months without bail under federal charges for doing nothing more than cooperating with federal officials in what they were told was a sting operation aimed at catching Mexican drug criminals.

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