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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Napolitano "sets record straight" about Ron Paul

Although Judge Andrew Napolitano's excellent program,Freedom Watchhas been cancelled at Fox Business Network, the Judge did not "go gentle into that good night." Napolitano took the opportunity to "set the record straight" concerning a few misperceptions about Ron Paul during one of his last shows.
An ardent Ron Paul supporter, Napolitano has been mentioned by some Constitutionalist Republicans as a possible candidate for President.
Mike Ridgway at Republicans Elect says that Napolitano would actually make a much better candidate for the Constitutional cause than Dr. Paul.
Nonetheless, Napolitano addressed some of the concerns conservatives have about Dr. Paul's statements on Israel, the so called 'Palestinians,' Iran, and other issues involving the Middle East which have been easily misconstrued.

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