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Saturday, September 24, 2011

True Confessions

Alright, the ole Welshman has some things to confess.

For inquiring minds, you can find them here.

I hope you will read this not for the confessions but for the concepts that could be of great benefit to you.

Another Artist Spotlight and a Bit of Music History

I told you I am a walking encyclopedia of music. And I like to talk about it. You didn't believe me, did you.

Well, here is another entry in the series of spotlighting certain stellar artists in the Christian music realm.

And I gotta tell ya, if you want to hear some fantastic singing, don't miss the video I post at the end. Follow that link. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music you will ever hear.

Special Prosecutor for Gunwalker Scandal to Come from Holder's DOJ?

Congressman Darrell Issa's committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, which is investigating the Project Gunwalker scandal, will hold at least two more hearings on the issue--one in October and another before the end of the year. The Congressman has stated that he wishes to appoint a special prosecutor but that he will not do so immediately, so that more evidence can be gathered. When the time comes for the prosecutor to be appointed, Issa faces a monumental problem--the attorney chosen to prosecute the case will come from Eric Holder's DOJ--the Department of Justice.
The DOJ is the very organization being investigated for possible criminal activity. To appoint a special prosecutor who normally is a U.S. Attorney working under the Attorney-General is tantamount to the DOJ prosecuting the DOJ--a scenario taylormade to insure that the cover-up is complete and that no one is held accountable.
Such a move would be akin to the Gambino crime family being chosen to prosecute John Gotti.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So, Who is the Real Conservative Here?

In the comment section of last night's article rating the Republican Presidential candidates following their Orlando debate on Fox News, there is this entry:
Please don't take this as any disrespect, I only mean to give some criticism and inspire debate, not tear you down as a person. The problem with posts like this is that there are so many differing definitions of what a conservative is and what a conservative isn't these days. In my own head, I think Paul and Johnson (my former governor) are at least even with Palin if not more conservative than she is, but others think they're only half conservative because they don't support the massive war spending that other conservatives do.
I think we have a problem of definition here, neoconservatives vs. paleoconservatives vs. RINOs, all claiming to be the real conservatives.
This reminds me of a certain cliche phrase about Slim Shady...
No offense taken.
The writer of the comment makes a valid point. There are various and sundry definitions of what constitutes a conservative, which create a certain amount of confusion for those who do not follow politics very closely.
That problem is complicated by the fact that so many faux conservatives routinely describe themselves as conservative, and the media establishment plays along. This has resulted in a watering down of the term to the point that it is close to becoming a gray nebulous blob that is difficult to grasp.
So, who IS the real conservative here? What, exactly, does that term mean, and more specifically, what does this writer mean when he uses the term?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rating the GOP Candidates Following the Debate of 9/22/2011

For the first time since the ‘debate’ season began, all of the declared GOP candidates for President were a part of the Fox News-Google event in Orlando, Florida tonight.
Conspicuously absent was former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. An insider disclosed to this reporter last week that Palin is running but that she is determined to conduct an unconventional campaign on her own terms. Part of that includes waiting to ‘declare,’ believing as does this writer that the campaign season in American politics has become much too long–painfully so.
Such pathological obsession is great for pundits, the news media, and political junkies but laboriously tiresome for everyone else. 
Based upon Palin’s many speeches, interviews, policy papers, and other sources, it is easy to rate her on the 10 key issues of utmost importance to conservatives, even before she has appeared in a debate. She is the most thoroughly vetted candidate in America in either party.

Thus, had Palin been a part of tonight’s event, she would receive a perfect score of ‘10' on the 10 key issues.
On to tonight’s conference.
Brett Baier is always a good choice for a moderator due to his ultimate sense of fairness. For the most part the questions posed by the panel were far superior to those posed in previous debates. And as panelists, none come any better than Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly.

World stock markets taking a colossal dump

Amid concerns that the value of stocks and bonds are on the verge of becoming sewage, or worse, refuse, stock markets around the world are taking a colossal dump, unloading 'everything' according to one analyst.

And another analyst stated that this time, there is little governments can do to thwart a global collapse. Can you say, "It's the 1930s all over again?"

Don't say you weren't warned.

And don't say you weren't also warned that this time, the collapse will be much worse than the Great Depression due to to 2 irrefutable factors:

1. In the years leading up to the Great Depression, the nation did NOT have the massive debt load that we do now. Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, and a Republican Congress made sure of that. But now, Obama has made sure that the debt load is so overwhelmingly unsustainable that the nation cannot, even if it wanted to, borrow enough money to dig us out of a collapse as it did in the 1930s. There is NO MORE MONEY for such programs!

2. Americans are not accustomed to suffering as our forebears during the Great Depression. These were, for the most part, sturdy, independent folk who had suffered through a world war and a massive depression in 1920 that was every bit as severe as the Great Depression (the reason we hear so little about the 1920 depression is that Harding and Coolidge put a quick stop to it by cutting gov't spending to the bone and cutting taxes to the bone to go along with it!). Americans today have been so accustomed to prosperity, ease, comfort, and abundance, that anything merely approaching the likes of the Great Depression of the 1930s will result in far worse suffering, due to the fact that we Americans are not used to it. We have had it much to easy to survive, unless we have specifically prepared ourselves ahead of time to do so.

So, my friends, girt your loins, batten down the hatches, and get set. This is not going to be pretty. God help us all.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, September 22, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Kurt Hofmann has explosive news today showing that Congressman Darrell Issa's investigation into the Gunwalker scandal has made him a target for the Obama minions and the leviathans who will stop at nothing to protect their foot soldiers.

WRSA points to an article that details the deep divide that describes America at this hour and states, 'This will not end well.'

Market Guru Karl Denninger says, 'Welcome to the collapse of 2011.'

Brigid presents an important post on what it really means to carry a firearm. Read it all.

GunRights4US alerts us to 'the statist dictionary.' Wanna know what the leviathans mean when they use certain terms? You can be sure they don't mean what you think they mean. This will help.

CLO has urgent news regarding an assault on the 2nd Amendment in Congress. Read this and ACT!

Gun Owners of America has more on that story.

The Stiletto comments on several items in the news and provides some very interesting info, particularly on the notion that 'only the little people pay taxes.'

John Jacob H posts a video of something you may find interesting, at least I did--the 'slingshot cannon'!  

Pamela Geller reports the explosive news that the FBI uncovered a major terrorist cell operation out of North Carolina, of all places, in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area!

Uncovered Email Shows Cover-Up, Intimidation by ATF Officials

In an exclusive report filed this morning by reporters David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, an uncovered email from January of this year shows that ATF officials engaged in a cover-up of the 'Project Gunwalker' scandal (Operation Fast and Furious) and that the officials intended to engage in intimidation of whistleblowers within the agency. 
ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson had sent a request for information to the bureau's chief counsel, Stephen R. Rubenstein, regarding allegations made against the agency by whistleblowers writing on a website called 'CleanUpATF.'
It was this website that led to Vanderboegh's first expose on December 28, 2010, which broke the Gunwalker story.
Rubenstein's response to Melson's request has only now been uncovered and is provided here:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Conversation with an Atheist

A most interesting conversation I had with an atheist recently resulted in my written thoughts about certain issues.

You can find those thoughts here.

Maybe by putting the encounter into words will help someone, somewhere. I dunno. Take it for what it is worth.

The Mollycoddle President

The term 'mollycoddle' is an interesting word that can be used either as a noun or a verb. A 'mollycoddle' is a male who is accustomed to being coddled or pampered. To 'mollycoddle' someone means to coddle or pamper a person, much as a mother does for her infant. Either form of the term can be applied to Barack Obama, the mollycoddle President.
In reading about Obama's history one is struck by the fact that from childhood he has been treated as 'someone special' who is above everyone else. His family drilled into his head the notion that he is a 'chosen one destined for greatness.' As such, he was not obligated to work hard to achieve anything at all. These things would be provided.
One never gets the impression that Obama was forced to scrape, claw, dig, or fight his way to accomplish anything. Somehow it all gets handed to him on a silver platter.
For example, Obama was never known as a scholar who made excellent grades. Yet somehow he manages to get into Columbia University and sails through without any evidence of bearing down to do the hard work of research. The unverified scuttlebutt is that Bill Ayers, the infamous unrepentant domestic terrorist who has been friends with him for years, despite the Obama denials, lived with Obama during his Columbia years and did much of the work for him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Join Pamela Geller and 'Yours Truly' on October 1 at 11 AM for a Rockin' Interview!

Click to enlarge.

Artist Spotlight and Some Music History

Yes, I am a walking encyclopedia of many forms of music.

Here I provide a brief history of one genre, along with a spotlight on an excellent example from that genre.

My information is based upon a lifetime of involvement in music and either knowing personally or knowing indirectly through others the key players who made music history--pioneers whose legacy is still being carried on today.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Brigid opines on what constitutes the 'home on the range woman' as a follow up to a post she wrote some time ago on the 'home on the range man.'

Standing By provides excellent reading in 'post-modernism and the Democratic Party.'

CLO alerts us to 'the Dream Act, Part II' as it reaches California Governor Jerry Brown.

Tam muses on the notion that 'all guns break.'

The Suffolk County Liberty Report has the latest news on the leftwing radicals who have descended upon Wall Street as part of their so-called 'Day of Rage.'

Randy's Right posts the transcript of testimony before Congress on the part of a CEO who blasts current policy that he says is hindering business growth and expansion, preventing the creation of new jobs. Read it all.

Perfection Under a Red Umbrella provides a must-read on why Obama will veto the push for a Palestinian state at the U.N., despite his dogged determination behind the scenes for 3 years to get such a state created!

Patriot's Duty shares essential reading in an excellent piece entitled, 'Obama as Diocletian, With Wild Abandon.'

Zero Government describes the methods used by totalitarians to control the populace, one of which is using friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to spy on and report the activities of citizens. Sound familiar?

Maddened Fowl declares that Obama's plan for road construction and bridges does not lead to more jobs.

Breaking News--Congressman Issa Discards Mainstream Media for Bloggers

This morning bloggers who have written extensively on the 'Project Gunwalker' scandal--also known as 'Operation Fast and Furious'--had an email waiting for them from U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa, R-California, inviting them to participate in a conference call on the investigation into the scandal. In issuing the invitation, Issa went around the mainstream media, discarding them in fact, in order to go directly to the ones who have faithfully investigated and reported the facts concerning this case.
Issa's decision marks a watershed event, signaling that the era of big media domination of the news is over.
Although Issa did not say so directly, the news conference with bloggers is symbolic of deep frustration. The mainstream media's handling of the scandal has been less than thorough to say the least. Most have ignored it outright. The rest have treated the story as a minor occurrence during which 'a sting operation went awry due to the misguided actions of rogue ATF agents.'

Monday, September 19, 2011

Breaking--CBS News Obtains Secret Recordings Indicating Possible Withholding of Evidence in Gunwalker Scandal

Mike Vanderboegh reports.

A short excerpt from the CBS report:

WASHINGTON - CBS News has obtained secretly recorded conversations that raise questions as to whether some evidence is being withheld in the murder of a Border Patrol agent.(Scroll down to listen to the audio)The tapes were recorded approximately mid-March 2011 by the primary gun dealer cooperating with ATF in its "Fast and Furious" operation: Andre Howard, owner ofLone Wolf Trading Company in Glendale, Arizona. He's talking with the lead case ATF case agent Hope MacAllister.The tapes have been turned over to Congressional investigators and the Inspector General.
Oh, and by the way, an ATF agent on the tape tells a gun store owner who was cooperating with the agency that, 'I was ordered to let guns into Mexico,' and that a third gun was recovered at the scene of the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

The third gun was never submitted as evidence.

Major Chicago Newspaper Calls for Obama to Withdraw from 2012 Presidential Race

The newspaper? The Chicago Tribune.

The writer? A Tribune columnist by the name of Steve Chapman.

Is this the start of a groundswell of demands from Democrats, sensing that Obama has become an albatross hanging around their necks?

Time will tell.

But don't rejoice just yet. Even if Obama did such a thing, guess who is the Democrats' top pick to replace him--Hillary Rodham Clinton...another Soros puppet who only SOUNDS more moderate than Obama.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, September 19, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea reports that ATF agents who were alarmed over the Gunwalker scheme are very concerned that the new leadership in the Bureau will only give them more of the same. I think their concerns are justified.

Kurt Hofmann says that Mexican officials are just as frustrated as American citizens over the fact that the Obama Administration refuses to come clean about the Gunwalker scheme.

Mike Vanderboegh alerts us to the fact that Media Matters, the George Soros-funded 'progressive' front group, claims that Gunwalker is but a 'conspiracy theory.' It is no 'theory' when you have the facts that prove it! Dumb asses.

WRSA blows the whistle on the Obama ruse to hide his massive tax increases until after the 2012 election. Read this, and follow the links. It is CRITICAL that we clean house in Congress and the WH in order to undo the damage set in motion by this man.

Way Up North reports on his father-and-daughter trip to the firing range yesterday.

Alphecca has some good news for gun owners with regard to the new Congressman elected in NYC to fill Anthony Weiner's vacated seat.

Breda says that the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper is up to no good yet again in its blatant anti-gun bias.

Newbius provides the must-read quote of the day on armed Americans.

Around O-Town points to essential reading on Obama--'This is Why He Sucks.'

Pamela Geller posts commentary on the ridiculous, outrageous, and insane push by the Palestinian Authority to get the United Nations to 'make them a state' that would take half of Jerusalem, which contains the sites that are most sacred to Jews and Christians. Obama helped spearhead this early on in his regime. Now his advisers wish to veto the PA at the U.N., placing the delusional usurper in an awkward position.

'Operation Rainmaker' and the Massive Tax Refund Scam

The Tampa Police Department, working with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Service, the State's Attorney's Office, and the U.S. Attorney's Office launched an investigation earlier this year into the massive tax refund scam which was described in this report yesterday. The investigation, called 'Operation Rainmaker,' has already uncovered over $100 million dollars in stolen tax refunds. 
Police officials believe that the $100 million is but a mere fraction of what has been stolen in the Tampa area alone and that the total amount is over a billion dollars. Law enforcement agents also believe that the scam is being conducted nationwide in cities across America.
Operation Rainmaker is designed not only to investigate stolen identities and tax refund fraud in the Tampa, Florida area but to discover leads that may uncover similar scams being conducted in other areas of the country.
The investigation was dubbed 'Rainmaker' in reference to the claims of drug dealers that their scam would cause it to 'rain money' on them from the federal government. 
Here are the facts that have been reported so far...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Flawed Character

Wanna see who is the flawed character?

Click here for the answer.

It's best not to pretend we don't have blemishes when most people can readily see them!