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Friday, September 23, 2011

So, Who is the Real Conservative Here?

In the comment section of last night's article rating the Republican Presidential candidates following their Orlando debate on Fox News, there is this entry:
Please don't take this as any disrespect, I only mean to give some criticism and inspire debate, not tear you down as a person. The problem with posts like this is that there are so many differing definitions of what a conservative is and what a conservative isn't these days. In my own head, I think Paul and Johnson (my former governor) are at least even with Palin if not more conservative than she is, but others think they're only half conservative because they don't support the massive war spending that other conservatives do.
I think we have a problem of definition here, neoconservatives vs. paleoconservatives vs. RINOs, all claiming to be the real conservatives.
This reminds me of a certain cliche phrase about Slim Shady...
No offense taken.
The writer of the comment makes a valid point. There are various and sundry definitions of what constitutes a conservative, which create a certain amount of confusion for those who do not follow politics very closely.
That problem is complicated by the fact that so many faux conservatives routinely describe themselves as conservative, and the media establishment plays along. This has resulted in a watering down of the term to the point that it is close to becoming a gray nebulous blob that is difficult to grasp.
So, who IS the real conservative here? What, exactly, does that term mean, and more specifically, what does this writer mean when he uses the term?


Anonymous said...

I have serious problems with all of them myself. Having said that, nobody that's running walks on water either...
I like Rick Perry, a lot. But his positions regarding illegal immigrants..?

Then we have Romney, of Romneycare fame. Essentially he is a populist. Albeit playing to the tune of "conservatives." When it serves him anyways...

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann does well on many issues. However, she really needs a decent fact checker, and speech writer, and... Well, I just don't think she is ready to play in the hardball games yet.

Gary Johnson? I suppose he knows dogs. But where's the beef?

Ron Paul. Some thirty years ago I really liked Ron Paul. He was well thought out, and had solutions, not just bellyaching whining. However, I think he has gone off the deep end, and stayed under long enough to cause some drain bamage. If you know what I mean.

Let's see how it all shakes out. But for now I'm thinking it will be yet another hold your nose as you vote election.

Welshman said...

I don't think so unless misguided voters decide to vote for Obama over Palin. I give her a very good chance of getting the GOP nomination.