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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rating the GOP Candidates Following the Debate of 9/22/2011

For the first time since the ‘debate’ season began, all of the declared GOP candidates for President were a part of the Fox News-Google event in Orlando, Florida tonight.
Conspicuously absent was former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. An insider disclosed to this reporter last week that Palin is running but that she is determined to conduct an unconventional campaign on her own terms. Part of that includes waiting to ‘declare,’ believing as does this writer that the campaign season in American politics has become much too long–painfully so.
Such pathological obsession is great for pundits, the news media, and political junkies but laboriously tiresome for everyone else. 
Based upon Palin’s many speeches, interviews, policy papers, and other sources, it is easy to rate her on the 10 key issues of utmost importance to conservatives, even before she has appeared in a debate. She is the most thoroughly vetted candidate in America in either party.

Thus, had Palin been a part of tonight’s event, she would receive a perfect score of ‘10' on the 10 key issues.
On to tonight’s conference.
Brett Baier is always a good choice for a moderator due to his ultimate sense of fairness. For the most part the questions posed by the panel were far superior to those posed in previous debates. And as panelists, none come any better than Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly.

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