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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uncovered Email Shows Cover-Up, Intimidation by ATF Officials

In an exclusive report filed this morning by reporters David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, an uncovered email from January of this year shows that ATF officials engaged in a cover-up of the 'Project Gunwalker' scandal (Operation Fast and Furious) and that the officials intended to engage in intimidation of whistleblowers within the agency. 
ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson had sent a request for information to the bureau's chief counsel, Stephen R. Rubenstein, regarding allegations made against the agency by whistleblowers writing on a website called 'CleanUpATF.'
It was this website that led to Vanderboegh's first expose on December 28, 2010, which broke the Gunwalker story.
Rubenstein's response to Melson's request has only now been uncovered and is provided here:


patricksperry said...

And for how many years have myself and others called for the total abolition of the BATFE..? Oh heck, I forget!

But I can tell you that my research paper in English 20012 at UCSD in 1970 was about the only government agency charged with tramping on the Constitutional rights of Americans.

Welshman said...

LOL! I agree it needs to be abolished. But alas, in 1970 I was not even aware the agency existed. That came later.