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Thursday, December 08, 2011

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Mike Vanderboegh is reporting today directly from the hearing of the House Judiciary Committee as it hears Eric Holder's testimony. Here he provides some info of interest.

David Codrea reports that Georgia gun owners are going for all-out Constitutional carry of firearms--openly and without 'licenses.'

Kurt Hofmann says that the 'conspiracy theory' on Gunwalker has now gone mainstream.

WRSA has the quote of the day, and it's a doozy.

CLO provides his latest commentary on Fast and Furious.

Brigid posts an excellent read on the Remington 870.

Nicki posts a wonderful piece on 'doggie heroes.' Read it all.

Tam says she likes it when the watchers get watched.

Days of our Trailers presents a cautionary tale for bloggers--a true news story--that should pose a word to the wise. A judge in Oregon decided that bloggers are not journalists and are thus not protected from legal action as are 'the authorized ones.' Time to pressure state legislators to pass laws that cover the 'new or alternative' media in this age of the Internet.

Roberta X provides a photo of a '9-iron' she says she's been looking for.

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