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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Just Finished a Radio Interview on the West Coast per Gunwalker

Victoria Taft, who has a popular conservative radio talk show in Portland, Oregon on station KPAM-AM 860, interviewed me just a little while ago concerning the Gunwalker scandal. I have been on the show twice before, and she does an excellent job at keeping conservatives on the Left Coast informed about the issues.

It seems that the buzz is concerning the documents CBS News released last evening showing that the end game of Gunwalker was, as we have contended all along, to make a case for gun control and gun bans.

This is no longer just a 'theory' or a 'charge or allegation' made by whistleblowers but a fact that is born out by the evidence.

And this is the point that I drove home on the radio today.

Big thanks to Victoria Taft for having me on the show.

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