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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Political Favors With Taxpayers' Money--Law Firm Bailout Scandal Deepens

At the center of some of the various scandals swirling around the Obama Administration is a common thread that links them all--political favors are delivered to Obama supporters with taxpayers' money. The latest scandal involving the bailout of the Wilmer Hale Law Firm in Boston depicts more of the 'crony capitalism' that characterizes the manner in which the Administration does business.
Wilmer Hale is set to receive $214 million dollars from the taxpayers to cover its losses stemming from a case in which the law firm failed to comply with the statute of limitations. The error meant that Wilmer Hale lost the case and was liable for the 214 million. Large law firms carry malpractice insurance, and thus, the money would actually come from the company that insures Wilmer Hale against 'errors and omissions.'

But the Obama Administration, working in tandem with Democrats who control the U.S. Senate and a few liberal, establishment Republicans in the House, passed an amendment to a bill concerning U.S. Patents that would reimburse Wilmer Hale and its insurer for their losses.
However, the story goes much deeper than that.
In 2009 Obama appointed David Ogden to work under Eric Holder at the Department of Justice as Deputy Attorney-General. Prior to his appointment, Ogden worked as an attorney at Wilmer Hale in Boston.
And after being at the DOJ for less than a year, Ogden decided to resign from his post and return to Wilmer Hale as co-chair of the firm's government and regulatory litigation group.

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