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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breaking--Taxpayers Bilked out of a Billion in Tax Refund Scam

Two weeks ago on September 1, a little-publicized story in The Tampa Tribune reported a major tax refund scam in which drug dealers in the Tampa, Florida area bilked American taxpayers out of upwards of a billion dollars. In spite of the fact that the scam appears to be but the tip of the iceberg, so far no other mainstream media outlet in the country has reported the story.
If fraudulent activity of this nature could be conducted on such a broad scale in Tampa, the question becomes, is this only one small piece of a nationwide scam in which taxpayers are perhaps being bilked out of tens of billions of dollars?
According to Tampa police detectives, drug dealers began to mysteriously disappear from street corners in the city earlier this year. Sensing that something ominous was afoot, officers began to notice odd items in vehicles pulled over in routine traffic stops. The Tampa Tribune describes the items:

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