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Friday, September 16, 2011

Will a Scandal a Day Keep Reelection Away?

With each passing day Americans have come to count on at least two things from the Obama Administration--a new scandal and/or the expansion and deepening of an ongoing scandal. One begins to wonder if the Administration has passed the point of no return, that is, too many scandals to realistically expect reelection.
If the worsening economic picture that Administration officials admit will continue throughout 2012 is not enough to torpedo Obama's reelection chances, then the scandals will.
First, there is the Gunwalker scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious. This one is the biggie, the one thing that has the greatest potential to bring down the entire Administration due to its sheer size and scope. When one considers the number of federal agencies implicated in the carrying out of the illegal scheme, one begins to wonder why this is not the central focus of every news media outlet in America, not to mention Congress.
Gunwalker is the first scandal in U.S. history to involve so many agencies of the federal government--the Department of Justice, the ATF, ICE, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the State Department. The fact that the story is now being reported in mainstream outlets on a regular basis is an indication that reporters in the traditional media sense that a tsunami is on the way.
Second, Obama's taxpayer-funded bailout and/or stimulus money to 'green industries' has blown up in his face. The ongoing scandal revolving around Solyndra, which received over $500 million dollars from taxpayers but filed for bankruptcy anyway, is perhaps the poster-child for the Administration's 'green initiative' and 'crony capitalism.' And there is much more here than what meets the eye.

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