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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breaking...Memorial Service in Tucson Turns into Political Rally


Conservative Examiner reports.

If I were a family member, I would be sick enough to vomit, and thoroughly outraged.


dreffen said...

It was pegged as a "unity rally" at UofA while the media was saying "memorial"

So congrats on whining about politicization while simultaneously polticizing the event.

Welshman said...

Oh, you mean a 'unity rally' for Obama's campaign? Yeah, I can buy that.

And, for your information, you Leftwing nutcases succeeded in politicizing this as soon as the shots were fired on Saturday.

Calvin Dodge said...

They were handing out T-shirts with Obama's new campaign slogan! Are you seriously insisting THAT wasn't "politicizing" the service? How about the wild applause for the Democrat speakers combined with the scattered booing of the current Republican governor?

If you can't acknowledge these observable FACTS, dreffen, then you're as utterly divorced from reality as the shooter was. I just hope you're not as violent.

Anonymous said...

dreffen - comment fail