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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/12/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea declares that the current attempts to restrict liberty in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings will only galvanize gun owners.  Indeed, handgun purchases shot up by over 60% immediately after the massacre, indicating that Americans are even more determined to protect themselves against criminals and nutcases.

Blonde Sagacity has the video of Sarah Palin's response to the Arizona murders.  Excellent!

The Anti-Liberal Zone has some good news for conservatives today, indicating that in the eyes of most Americans, the attempts to blame us for the Tucson massacre have failed miserably.

Vanderboegh blogs on the remarkable Mossberg 500 riot gun.

Tam posts a great comment on the asinine proposal by Congressman Peter King, R-NY, that citizens be disallowed from bringing guns within 1000 feet of elected officials.

The Graph has a MUST-read entitled, 'The Tragedy of Modern Life.'

Around O-Town says that 'Uncle Jimbo' breaks it all down for the Leftwing mouthpieces. (Video).

WRSA relays a warning from Karl Denninger--'if you're wondering how freedom dies, you're seeing it.'

Brigid muses on one of the great mysteries of life--the fact that we as human beings love no more than we are afraid to lose.  Some deep contemplative thought for inquiring minds...

Kurt Hofmann has more on Peter King's anti-gun proposal, claiming that the Congressman wishes to surround himself with a 72-acre Constitution-free zone.

Alphecca comments on the Westboro cult and its plans for the funeral of the 9-yr-old girl who was killed Saturday.  These people are nuts.  And let's get one thing straight, this is no 'church' and they are most assuredly not 'Baptist.'  I take offense to their use of those terms when it is clear this is nothing more than a hate-cult.

Way Up North weighs in on the ongoing discussion concerning the 1911 pistol.

Nicki points out that the infamous anti-gun Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY, is up to her familiar antics again in light of the Tucson massacre.  All it takes for the Leftwing nutcases to go berserk is for something like the Arizona shooting to occur.

The Oxpecker has explosive news on House Republicans who, if this is true, have insured we are stuck with Obama for quite some time to come.

Newbius says he is ready for a subject-change.  He may be speaking for all of us.

Roberta X provides an update on her offer to autograph her new book, which is now on sale.  Take a look!

I usually reserve The Ol' Broad's political cartoons for Fridays.  But in light of the week we've had, I think now is a good time to see them.  She has a new batch of goodies, and I mean FUNNY goodies.  Go see.


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